Black Friday

Posted by Bitten Usagi at 10:58 PM
So I hate Black Friday. I worked in retail for two years and watched people almost get into fist fights over stupid material things that likely wouldn't last a year. People have been trampled and taken the hospital (not at our store but in general) or even killed. For what? A freaking passing fad like Tickle Me Elmo? Ugh.

We did however brave Best Buy after about 2 this afternoon though. It was pretty crazy still but after discovering that our insurance wasn't going to cost as much as we were planning on, we decided it was time to buy a game or two, or something fun at least. So we didn't end up with anything from Best Buy (not for a lack of things we want, which if anyone wants to buy us Wii Resorts with the lil Motion attachments, Tekken 6 or Need For Speed, we wouldn't protest ;) ) but we did end up at Radio Shack after finding out today and tomorrow that the inkd buds from Skullcandy are on sale for $10. I looked, wasn't real sure as the only colors were black, white and pink but finally went with the white ones. Then we hit the mall and spend a whole lot of time finding nothing, lol. Well with the exception of a charging station for the PS3 controller, but it got us out of the house, which was good since I was determined to have a day off- no work, no school, no obligations whatsoever.

So we got home and we're sitting around and I decide to try out my ear buds. Now I have Skullcandy Lowriders (which have seen better days but still work) and I love them. I always have issues with earbuds though and usually chuck the ones I get into a drawer somewhere.

Not anymore! These headphones are AH-MAZ-ING!! I put em in, and everything was muffled and I was like "big hairy deal". Well I turned on my Zune (on 6 which normally isn't near loud enough and between 6 and 8 is PERFECTION! Once I started my tunes I couldn't hear a damn thing around me. Cody even tried talking to me and I didn't even know it! HAHAHA! Then he tried em when I was telling him how awesome they were and then he told me to talk, so I started talking and he didn't even believe that I was really talking! XDDDD

So yeah... if you need new headphones, Skullcandy is the way to go. Great sound and they have a warranty. It only fully covers manufacturer screw ups BUT if your headphones break, they will give you like 50% or something off of a new pair! Now that is awesome.

Wow... last blog and this one were completely and totally random! I am all over the place today. Even more than usual. Hell, the thought processes don't even make sense to me anymore...




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