Wordless Wednesday: Back in the Day

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*giggles and runs away*



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So this morning was just like any other day of me spazzing as I tried to get ready to leave the house.  All until I'm pulling out of the garage and I'm like WTF, Ichigo seems to be having issues this morning.  Then I thought it was just the shoes because wearing high heels tends to make that big of a difference in my ability to reach the clutch. When I wear heels I often have to pull the seat up a notch so I can reach, lol.

Then I start out on the road and I'm like wait a second... shit.  Pretty sure I have a flat.  So I pull over to the park near the house and sure enough, it's flat as a pancake.

So I'll be late to class or miss class.  Big hairy deal.  Get all my stuff ready and I can't find a tire iron for the life of me. Shit.  This means calling the knight in shining armor to come save the damsel in distress.  I hate that.  I pride myself on being able to change a tire and my own oil yet I always have to ask for help...

(Yeah that's prolly the gods trying to teach me to stop being so damn independent but what do they know?  Kidding, KIDDING. *spends the rest of the day worrying about lightning striking me dead*)

So as I'm waiting some [censored] drives by and yells a profanity at me in Spanish.  Had I not had high heels on he would have never uttered another profanity to the opposite sex again.  Trust me.  Mostly because it would have been physically impossible when I was done.  Then I decide to go play on the park equipment.  I mean why not?  I'm sure as hell not going anywhere.  So I go, even though I'm wearing these:

So then Cody got there and we got the tire changed so I head to 7-11 to fill up the donut with more air and some jerkface is sitting in his van bogarting the damn air pump parking space so I park next to him and go to fill up my tires.  At this point he decides to finally leave and starts backing out while I'm between my car and his van.  So I'm like fine be a jerk and stand up so he doesn't run over my hand or something.  Well the hose caught on his bumper and then almost took me out.  I was not a vampire bunny as you can imagine.  Had to laugh though a little older lady came back out and goes "did he even ask to help you with that?"  "Nope." "What a gentleman".  Hahaha.

So one of two things has happened. I've either mellowed out or I've lost my damn mind because even after the Spanish vulgarity and dickhead who just couldn't wait the 10 seconds to let me finish filling that tire, I was still laughing about the whole thing.

I'm going with lost my damn mind, personally.

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