I should not be blogging...

Posted by Bitten Usagi at 10:01 AM
But I'm very easily distracted today. Which is bad. Bad bad BAD! Honestly it really isn't different from any other da- oh look! Shiny object!

Anyway. Tonight is the Dir En Grey concert with one of my besties. Then, we come home, sleep for a bit, I got to class, we have a homework party and then... New Moon at 12:01 with her and a few more besties! I'm excited. I really can't afford (as in don't deserve because I haven't been a good kid and gotten my homework done) to take part of this all this week but who cares! I've slaved away and been super stressed and well if I can't have a new tat or piercing I'm going to have some fun at least!

On a sadder note... I am going to be 20,000 words behind on NaNoWriMo as of tonight. T^T

Anyway... off to do some photos, gesso a canvas (a much smaller one this time) and check on that delicious smell the roast is creating (It's either deer or antelope... not sure which as we forgot to label bags. Cody said "eh we don't need to label them, we can tell em apart" then two nights ago said "I really wish we would have labeled these" to which, I being the loving wife I am said "but I though you said you'd be able to tell em apart.").

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week and hump day!
^w^Bitten Usagi^w~

p.s. My bestie and I are totally making t-shirts for New Moon. Anti-werewolf t-shirts cause we're with the vampires and who wants to hang out with a smelly dog? ;)



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