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I was, like many other Harry Potter fans, super excited about the announcement from JK Rowling about Pottermore. I enjoyed the speculation & had my hopes up for a game & was gonna be pissed if it was a scavenger hunt type of thing like some supposed "accidentally realeased memo" claimed. I knew it wouldn't be more books because very early on the publisher said that wasn't it. Damn. No Marauder's books. Lol.
I was up for the announcement (mostly because Darius usually wakes up at 4 or 5 am-thank you kiddo) & after reading the full press release at the Leaky Cauldron I was super excited & as Leaky continued coverage on Twitter I was still even more excited.
Also I don't get how people are so confused. My guess is that they didn't read the press release as I thought it explained it quite well. Essentially it's going to be a way to re-experience the series. Re-read the books but be a part of them as well. We'll get sorted into a house (so this is how it feels to be 11 & staring at that old hat...) & you'll get more information about your house that wasn't in the books and stuff. How fun! Also- we'll get to learn more about characters such as Professor McGonagall, such as a past heartbreak (ok so this isn't new novel but pretty sure thatseas close as you can come without it being physical novels. JS.).
So yeah, we don't have specifics but this info is MORE than enough to have me fangirling.
^w^ Edit: oh & the site will include audio & ebook versions of the series too but meh I has the books & audio books already lol.


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