素晴しい水曜日(Wonderful Wednesday) #5

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First up is an amazing app I just discovered thanks to this post by Rowan Pendragon, called Evernote.  It's sooooo nice.  I'm terrible and have a ridiculous amount of blogs to comment on but then I forget and end up with a huge list.  Until now my phone has been covered in Sticky Notes and I lived in fear of losing them so this app is perfect. It's a pain to comment from my phone on blogs so now I have a notebook of what I wanted to comment on, what I'm saving to read later, blog ideas, etc.  Hopefully it'll help with these posts too!  I'm so in love with it already and you can use the Web Clipper to save pages.  Seriously if you need help staying organized this is awesome.  Rowan also has lots of good tips and I've started a journal and made two of the goal charts too. 

Second, I have this Timelapse of the Earth from the International Space Station.  I just... I love this video.  It's so beautiful I can't get over it.  Just... WOW. 

Third, Dina Goldstein's Dollhouse Series. She's the same one who did the Fallen Princesses Series which I'm sure you've seen as it's made it's rounds on the internet several times.

Fourth is this info-graphic of A Snapshot of the Photography Industry. It makes me a bit sad to see companies ceasing production of film types.  Traditional photography is what made me fall in love and it's so depressing to not have a dark room to continue to do it with.  The feeling of developing your own film and prints is unrivaled.  *sigh*  Okay so there are things I miss about college.

Lastly I have a theory that cute kids are a bajillion times cuter when dressed in geek gear or doing geek activities.  As proof of this theory I present the Cosplay Kids Tumblr.  I can't wait to send in pics of D at NDK.  I'm working on 2 cosplays for him. So excited.

I swear one of these days I'll post more than just links but I'm tired and meh.  Lol.  Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!! We're halfway to another weekend!


Just Create Something

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I have a sticky note on my Droid that it is overflowing with blog post ideas and no time to do them now that the boy has decided to be clingy. Again. Just when I thought we were over it, it started up again. *sigh*  But I digress...

We read to D every night.  He has a fairly good collection of books (that will grow- we're a book family) and the other night for a little something different I started reading A Light in the Attic by Shel Silverstein, one of my favorites.  The other night I read one of my favorites, PUT SOMETHING IN.  For those unfamiliar with the book or even just the poem here it is.

 Draw a crazy picture,
Write a nutty poem,
Sing a mumble-gumble song,
Whistle through your comb,
Do a loony-goony dance,
'Cross the kitchen floor,
Put something silly in the world
That ain't been there before.

It's fun and I always think that other than just silly stuff I feel like creating follows the same needs.  As an artist (Photography mainly though I do draw, paint, write, etc) I think it's important to encourage each other and ourselves to create.  It's good for not only our souls but others.  You never know when your painting, short story, photo, sculpture, song, dance, etc may move someone or even save their lives.

I read PostSecret every week and I can't count the times I've seen something about a book series (especially Harry Potter, a favorite of mine) is credited with saving someone's life and giving them hope and that's only the people sending in postcards!!  Imagine how many other people were saved by someone else's creative output.  It's important to put yourself out there.  Yes it can be terrifying too, I've been there a LOT but I also feel the most heartfelt creative works are the best received.

Sure, there are lots of things that you may think are terrible (I swear to cow if you use Twilight or 50 Shades as an example I will reach through this computer and punch you- stop beating a dead horse, you don't like it that's fine stop hating on those who enjoy it.) but it may have spoken to someone else and if it helped just one person isn't that what really matters?

This is one of the reasons I love NaNoWriMo.  Its "literary abandon" is the appeal.  Don't think (well not too hard anyway if you're a planner and not a pantser like myself), just create.  Go back later and refine.  Maybe it's a terrible draft but go back and edit it, make it great or even just good.  If nothing else it's a learning experience you can apply to your next work.

So go!  Take a chance.  Write that story you jotted down some notes for.  Paint it, draw it, dance, write those lyrics.  If you just inspire one person, even if it's just yourself, you've done something great and Put Something In.



素晴しい水曜日(Wonderful Wednesday) #4

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1.  The Global Dynamics Charm from agirlfrommars on etsy is awesome.

My birthday is in November.  PS I am still super mad that the pricks at SyFy cancelled Eureka.  Also a bit upset that I'm missing this season to give it the ratings it deserves to show SyFy how big of morons they are.  Js.

2.  These next two things aren't really geeky but I've found them super useful.  I recently started working out and doing Couch to 5K.  You can see my journey here.  In the interest of getting fit I started Couch to 5K and found an app by Run Double that allows you to listen to external music on your phone or it has a music player and I love it.  It tells me when to run and walk, when I'm halfway and how fast I'm going.  Super useful and you can find it in the Droid Marketplace/Google Play.  I wasn't originally going to worry about counting calories but wanted to see how much I was burning so I got My Fitness Pal which is free and you plug in your food and exercises.  It also suggests what your daily calorie intake should be judging by how much weight you want to lose too.  Also in the Droid Marketplace/Google Play.  Both are available on the computer as well though Run Double is to check your stats and stuff.  My Fitness Pal lets you enter stuff online though.  ^w^
(Note: As of the most current Firefox Beta Run Double doesn't agree with it and it only partially agreed with Chrome but in Firefox 12 it's perfect.)

3.  Bear Food is a new site from the creator of The Oatmeal that users can vote on awesome links for the day.  I might be addicted.  Who needs productivity or to feed their children anyway? ^w~

4.  This hilarious and scarily accurate cartoon from one of my favorite webcomics- Gronk by Katie Cook.  If you don't read Gronk, well you should.  It's adorable and hilarious.
5.  Being an art nerd I freaking love this site of Leonardo Da Vinci's drawings.  Am I the only one that imagines him as he was in Ever After?  Genius but hilariously off his rocker?


素晴しい水曜日(Wonderful Wednesday) #3

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So I'm working on a new way of compiling a list so I'll actually post this every week, lol.  Wish me luck. XD

1.  For those that don't know I collect cameras.  Mostly vintage ones but I was intrigued when I saw a post on FStoppers about this artist's cameras.  They are crazy.  Seriously, this one utilizes a skull:
Why did he use a skull?  It related to the subject he intended to photograph: "the beauty of decay".
Another? Has an infant heart in it which he used to take maternity photos.  He also has one that has blood from someone who has HIV in it which he "Designed to study and photograph a geographic comparison of people suffering from HIV."  Each camera has specific reasons for why he used what he did so I definitely suggest checking out the rest of the cameras from Boy of Blue Industries Cameras.

2.  Settlers of Catan Online.  For those who still don't watch TableTop on Geek & Sundry, this is one of the games they featured/played and in searching for it to add to my wishlist I discovered there is an online version for free.  Now I honestly haven't played more than the intro version because it's only free if you play with real people and I'm too afraid to.  Sad, but true.  I wanted to play a few computer rounds and get used to it but that didn't happen.  But it's there and I was super excited and hopefully I'll grow a set in the next few days and play a legit game, lol.

3.  Pintershit is back!  For a bit I was a  bit of a Pinterest addict and then I forgot to log in for a few weeks and I'm just now starting to check it again but this site takes ideas from Pinterest and tries them to see if they work and posts about them.  Yeah that button bowl?  Full (as full as a broken, holey bowl can be) of failyos.

4. Test Your Vocab is a fun little short test to gauge how large your vocabulary is.

Sorry this week isn't all that exciting.  Nasty headaches kill my creativity...


When Life Gets in the Way

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First of all I'm not sure if I ever actually mentioned it here (I can barely remember what I ate for dinner last night) but I have moved my Pagan Blog Project blogging to a tumblr.  This was always meant to be my personal blog and while my spirituality is a huge part of my personal life it just felt like since that was all I ever got a chance to post that this had become a spiritual blog that may have bordered on preachy so if you're interested in seeing the rest of my posts for PBP (which I'm behind on, again.) Please head on over to my Sanctuary.  ^w^  Thanks and blessed be.

The following contains whining.  Feel free to skip it.

So recently we took a few moments to entertain the possibility of moving back home to Eastern Colorado.  Now I was reluctant to even talk about it because I was afraid it would get my hopes up but because there appeared to be only a question of jobs it seemed like enough of a possibility to talk about it.

Yeah... I realize now I should have just stuck to my not talking about it policy because I totally got my hopes up and now the reasons it was brought up aren't as definite as they sounded.  >.<  I hate the city.  Funny thing is for a while I thought that maybe there was really no way that we could do it.  We're used being able to run to hellmart in the wee hours of the morning if we have to or have several options for eating out, etc.  But then as we got to talking about it I realized that most of the things I'd miss are pretty much already gone or something we can't afford anymore anyway like Hastings is closed, eating out at a restaurant only happens once in a great while and we're too broke to go shopping anyway.

So really the only reasons I wouldn't want to go is reasons that have to do if we were to have another baby.  Other than that there's not a whole lot of reasons to stay I realized but there are so many reasons moving back would be good, like Darius growing up around his grandparents and great grandparents.  Oh and getting out of the house once in a while because we know people down there.  Here?  Pretty much all of our friends graduated and got the hell out of this craphole.


So last weekend we went back home for a long weekend to help throw a party for my grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary and coming back to Greeley sucked.  It was so depressing.  I was ready to get back to my own bed, see Takara and that kind of stuff but I wished that those things were there so we wouldn't have to go.  Now I know that he'll grow out of it and before we know it and D will remember who his grandparents are and stuff like that but right now he only sees them once a month if we're lucky so it makes it really hard on all of us.  We need a break, they want to snuggle and play with him and he wants to know who the hell these people are that keep bugging him.  It's depressing.

So on top of all this is the fact that I keep trying to think of ways I can help out with the whole money situation and that's not working out well either.  Have a mentioned lately how big of a waste of money college was?

Oh and I lost my wallet, my awesomesauce NES controller wallet, last weekend too.  What kills me is I lost it a day that I know my every last step and it's nowhere to be found. WTF?  It makes no sense.  Best part is if even if someone honest has found it my license has the wrong address.  SWEETNESS.  Mostly annoying but it just kind of added onto everything else ya know?

So there's my whine-fest for a while.  It's just some stuff I wanted to get off my chest before my head explodes from it.  

Also, I fully intend on trying to post more.  It's just by the time I get my internet time at night I'm too tired to do anything more than veg out on tumblr and Sims Social and not do anything that might require any kind of thinking or editing, lol.


素晴しい水曜日(Wonderful Wednesday) #2

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Notice this is only the second post.  Teaches me to wait until the day to post. >.<

Anyway... on with the show!

Oh and new: I've decided to limit it to 5 things every week so hopefully I can actually do this every week.  I have a 10 month old and I'm still buried under photo editing plus some planning for another event I don't dare mention just in case the persons it's for happen to stumble upon my blog so yeah...

1.  New Music Video from The Guild
Seriously in love with this.  I love The Guild and have loved their past MVs but this one is made of pure awesome and I'm currently listening to it on repeat. #obsession'd

2.  Geek & Sundry
Okay so actually #1 could be included in this one but whatever.  This is Felicia Day's new YouTube channel full of Geeky awesomeness that just launched Monday.  I'm in freaking LOVE.  So far my favs are FLOG and TableTop

3.  A couple of tumblrs
Fuck Yeah the Best Sailor Moon Cosplay
Sailor Failures
The first isn't actually a recent discovery but the second is.  The first is pretty self-explanatory but it's getting me seriously pumped for my Neo-Queen Serenity cosplay for NDK this September.
The second sounds like a mean blog but it's not and I just found it tonight but it's full of Sailor Moon-y goodness.

4.  New episodes of Eureka on Netflix
Been dying for new-ish Eureka.  Netflix and the internet are our TV so we're behind.  Still super sad (and angry at SyFy) for cancelling but I hope the 5th (and last) season really soars rating-wise since they cancelled it because they didn't seen any more growth for it. -_-#

5. Draw Something (Phone app available on Droid & iOS)
Also something I discovered a couple weeks ago but I became obsessed despite the fact that I have fat fingers and even on my huge phone screen (Droid X) I still tend to draw like a challenged dolphin with the shakes and a paintbrush in it's mouth.  It's fun though lately it's been a bit glitchy (of course AFTER I shelled out the money for it, okay can't whine it was only .99 but geez) and keeps dropping drawings and not finishing them for some reason but whatever it's super fun.

So there's my 5 for Wonderful Wednesday!  Hope I helped you discover something awesome this week. <3


素晴しい水曜日(Wonderful Wednesday) #1

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As part of a goal to blog more I've decided to add another weekly post.  My geekery seems to have gotten lost and my blog has gone kind of spiritual.  While that's not a bad thing, it's really not the intent of my personal blog so I welcome you to 素晴しい水曜日Which roughly translates to Wonderful (or magnificent or even splendid) Wednesdays.  It's my favorite things I've come across on the internet over the week.  I'd have done Friday Favorites but since my PBP posts are for Fridays I wanted to spread things out a bit and add some routine with it.  So here we go!  Click on the pics to go to the page of the item.

< Cool graphic I haven't made yet / >

I have a slight bunny obsession and I'm pretty sure I need this shirt in my life.  Like a week ago.
 Geek Love by DorkusTee
(a new shop which I think may develop an obsession with if they churn out these kinds of t-shirts)

Omg this shop has tons of these headbands and I'm in love!!  I never really saw the appeal of this whole headband thing everyone seems to be into until now!  WANT!
Comic Kapow by JanineBasil

I'm also completely in love with this Bat'leth necklace.
On Etsy by TwoTree

However this same seller has the most awesome thing in her store that I would love to do with Sakura and Takara.  Assimilated pet portraits.
Is that completely awesome or what?  I want one so bad!

Hey could someone get me a beer?  No wait!!  I just need my wand.  And this t-shirt.
Accio Beer T-shirt by bareit

bareit also has this awesome onesie

Oh and I think I may have finally figured out what to do with those floppy disks I have laying around (Ummm kids these are what we used to use instead of flash drives.  Now get off my lawn ya little bastards.)
Or you can buy an expertly made one by Fishstikks

Now this last one is one I discovered on EPBOT which is the personal the lovely Jen of CakeWrecks
Who you should follow on both blogs because she's awesome and geeky and if I ever meet her I will glomp her. 
Which unfortunately have sold out *sobs uncontrollably* but I'm totally going to check back at the shop to see when they come back in stock!  By LizGlizz

Well that's it for this week!!

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