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So if you follow me on Twitter you already know this...

We're moving!

*sigh of relief*

In the last 6 months or so our current apartments have gone downhill. And I have tweeted a few reasons of why we're moving up to numbers @234 and I'm pretty sure we could probably come up with that many reasons if we sat down and did it.

Now before I go on I feel I must explain something about this city. There are no clear cut lines to where the ghetto is. Where we lived the first year though... fully in the ghetto. As in gang fight in the parking lot, police chasing crooks into our parking, spider infested stairwell (no joke and I told them about it and 3 months later nothing had been done), bat in the hallway (yes a BAT as in flying creature) and hobos in the laundry room.

So when we found these apartments they were awesome. Clean, etc and the ghetto was all across the street and stayed there. In fact it stayed there for about 2 years. Well it started oozing across the street recently. I won't go into details but the gist is: druggies, g-units, trashed premises, disrespectful neighbors playing loud music at all hours, etc. Plus the fact that the walls have always been paper thin and I'm just not into listening to others get busy or have them able to hear us.

So yeah... we were irritated but making it work. Then they said we would have to start paying utilities and we said eff this. Which brings me to reason #76: Why would we pay for an apartment for what we could pay for a house?

So off went the search. Including finding an awesome deal only to have it fall through (we would have had to gut the basement of the house, replace all plumbing and so much more). Then we kept finding good deals only to have them gone already (to which I say "take your damn ad off the internet if the place has been rented out!").

So we were starting to freak out, well at least I was anyway, lol. It was getting to be crunch time and we had no where to move to.

Then a guy at Cody's work says his wife works for a place and another guy that works there was looking to get out of his lease but had to find someone else to lease it before he could do so.

Went and looked at the place....

and fell in love.

It's a duplex, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car garage with w/d, huge unfinished basement, deck and yard. Better yet... it was unlisted and we were of a very tiny group that knew it was available. #WIN

So after finally signing the lease I breathed a giant sigh of relief.
Because for those who don't know me... I am VERY superstitious and I was afraid of jinxing the whole damn thing. So I was freaking out that someone was going to snag it out from under us before the lease was signed because we had to wait to pay the deposit.

Now we're finally moving and while I hate the act of moving I'm stoked. We did our walk through and stuff today (and looked at the garage for the first time which is effing HUGE) and grabbed some necessities and took em over.

I feel ridiculously excited over the washer and dryer. No more searching and fighting to get quarters and having to trudge through the elements to do laundry.

I am also ridiculously excited over our dog having a yard. I can't wait to see her tomorrow in the yard for the first time. And you may be going "She's a dog, she doesn't know anything other than she's hungry or has to go to the bathroom or wants lovings." but this is exciting for me. She's so much happier when we visit our parents and she can be let outside on her own and without a leash. She already knows something weird is going on and I think she'll get it when I take her and the cat over in the morning. (I say this because the cat stays home so the fact that she's coming with would be something... but I'm sure I'm just making shit up... or whatever that one thing is that I don't even want to bother trying to spell as I've been packing all day and am barely able to finish this up)

Most of all though...

Yeah we may be renting this place but it's the closest thing to a house we've had.

And I don't feel so claustrophobic there.

Stops to wipe away tears.

See I'm not a city girl. I'm a country girl. My hometown was about 670 people (and as Dad used to say the population never changed cause when a woman got knocked up a man left town ;) lol) and my graduating class was 28 people and we were like the 2nd or 3rd largest class the school had ever had. Apparently there had been a nasty winter in 1983-84 ;)

I hate the city. Especially Greeley. Not because of the smell (honestly cow poop doesn't bother me and srsly Ft. Morgan smells a gazillion times worse, I promise you) but I can barely see the stars at night, I'm surrounded by people, not only on the block but in the same building. The space I have to call my own is tiny, insignificant and borrowed.

And while the new place is still borrowed I feel like I can breathe. I can do things without being in someone's way or having someone in mine.

So anyway... what started as an informational, hey this is what is going on in our lives has turned into a novel that contains me sobbing like a moron, but it's okay. I think we're going to be a lot happier in a few days. Even happier than we are now, knowing we have it and it's real. Not because of what we'll have material-wise but because we'll finally feel like we have room.

Room to breathe and grow.


And yeah... I'll try to post pics soon! ^w~

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