Friday Fav Five V. 4

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OMG  if you guys don't read Gronk by Katie Cook, you're completely missing out.  Especially on today's comic... which I told my husband pretty much sums us up completely.  XDDD

The comments on this video are full of hate about how this isn't real metal but I like it and I gotta say that it only works because it's JPop vocals over metal music.  American pop just wouldn't have the same effect.  I love how they describe it in this article, though.  "for those of us whose musical tastes fall somewhere in the middle, Babymetal is kind of like a magical, leather-clad, fire-breathing, sonic unicorn."

I should probably be ashamed of how hard I laughed over this but it's still making me laugh...

New Blog Love:  Superheroesque.  I especially love the posts How I Learned to Love the Geek post and the Public Geekness post, where we get this quote:
So true and in the comments of that post user "A Bit of Geek" was talking about getting crap about being a "fake" if you mention it too much and I think Mia's reply about how if it were a guy who had written the same post no one would have accused them of being a faker.  Perhaps not, but in my experience guys are the first to jump to call anyone else a fake geek...

Book boyfriends (or girlfriends).  Is there really much else to say?  Haha!  So tell me, who is your book boyfriend/girlfriend?


Life Currently

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Working on:  About a half a million different things.  *sigh*  I have serious project A.D.D. right now it's pretty ridiculous.  I'm still trying to finish a couple gifts, my niece's Dalek, plus getting the house prepared for family to visit and a new kiddo to come live, haha.  And last week's Weekly Intentions??  Yeah they're not going so well right now.  Oops.

Listening to/Watching:   Combining these as I'm rewatching Game of Thrones season 2 so we can watch season 3.  We don't do cable or anything so we're always behind.  >.<

Reading:   A Game of Thrones.  Still.  For the past almost 2 years my pace at finishing books is put to shame by snails.  I've finished just a few books in this time (the latest was Let's Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson AKA The Bloggess which is freaking HILARIOUS and I highly recommend it) but have been trying to read more this year.  Perhaps late night nursing sessions will help with this goal. :D  Especially since I need to finish Lover at Last (which I actually started before GoT but lost interest in because good god the will they won't they is ridonkulous in this book) so I can get The King on April 1st.

Eating:  I just finished a delish bowl of chocolate ice cream.  I just want all the chocolate this pregnancy. XDD

Loving:  How much Darius cares about K already.  He asks me if she's happy and now that appointments are closer he wants to know when we'll go check up on her again.  I just hope he's still as excited when she's here.

Thinking about:  How to get things done for the shop either in time for K's arrival or after she's here.  Getting a little freaked out by how I'm going to get things off the ground for Bitten Designs this year with a baby and a toddler.  I know I can, just not sure of a plan of attack at the moment.

Wanting:  the Tums to work.  LOL.

Thankful for:  My boys.  I don't know what I'd do without them.  Even if they drive me bat crap crazy on occasion, I love them to pieces.  I'm also thankful for my little girl who is gonna help even the score around here, lmao.

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