Begone Sad Post!

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New post to get rid of my last emo post. I hate emo posts and I rarely do them so now I will write something worth reading.

So I've been working with an awesome photographer here at the Univ who is doing head shots for the theater dept. I've only assisted him one day (was supposed to today but the shoot was canceled) and I will be helping tomorrow. It's Peter Konerko who does head shots for actors and actresses as well as his own work, all of which can be checked out at his website. He's pretty much amazing and I feel so blessed to have this opportunity. I've already learned so much from him after just one shoot. I'm going to be way bummed when this is over.

As you can see in my sidebar--->
I finished Lover Awakened of the Black Dagger Brotherhood and it was AH-MAZING. Started Lover Revealed and just a couple chapters in was already struggling to not cry. Damnit. Lol. I still love it though. ^w^ I should be reading Matsui's Story and I will but damn it's hard to put these books down. Like tortuous to be away from them. #truth

Plus they have very well written sexy time. Yay for sexy time. ^w~

I am having a terrible time concentrating on homework. Srsly. It's ridiculous. I would rather read anything but a text book. Especially if it's my Asian Civ text. BO-RING!! I like history... just not reading about it via textbook. I did however do the reading and do my workbook for Nihongo (Japanese) though. I'd have what she assigned today done... if I didn't suck at kanji. Seriously I am TERRIBLE at remembering kanji, it's ridic. I know less than a 5 year old I swear, lol.

I got an order from Sephora today. I've been a member of their points thingie for like a year or so and just finally ordered. I got the Urban Decay Complexion Primer Potion and the Eyeshadow Primer Potion. The Eyeshadow UDPP was the XL and came with a UD lipstick, lip gloss, mascara and eyeliner...

The verdict?

I'm in LOVE!

Urban Decay is my new favorite makeup and I'm thinking there are going to be a lot more UD purchases in my future. Srsly. My eyeshadow is just as perfect as when I put it on at around 1pm. Oh and the color is so much more brighter and what it should be.

Okay... I'll shut up about it now... I'm just so damned excited about it hahaha.

Oh and Lady A's new album comes out Tuesday... I'm DYING. I can't wait for more songs sung by the ever so sexy Charles Kelley. Srsly anything he sings is a #pantydroppin'song. #truth

Warning: I am about to get on my soapbox and rant about politics.

I'm thinking about getting more involved in elections, more than just my usual voting. Those who know me know that I am neither Republican or Democrat and I pretty well hate those parties because I feel like they have too much power. Most voters see their ballot and only pay attention to the candidates everyone hears about and ignores the fact that there are plenty of other candidates from other parties. I'm not saying I'm gung ho for the communists but everyone goes for the "lesser of two evils". Ummm no. Vote for who you truly support, not who you think is the least amount of trouble.

I voted from who I really supported. Later my G-parents (who I love dearly but we have WAY different political opinions) and I were having a convo about voting and I said that people need to realize it doesn't have to be the lesser of two evils and my Gramps said that if you don't vote for one of the two "main" candidates your vote was wasted. I replied with "Well I'd rather my vote be wasted than to vote for someone I don't fully support." He kinda caved a little with that. Which was awesome because he is stubborn (as am I) so to get him to even lean a little is something, lol.

So yeah that turned into a bit of a novel but what I'm saying is that I want to get more involved. Mostly in getting people to realize that in order to get away from this bs we gotta start paying more attention to ALL candidates and what they stand for and voting for who we truly support.

George Washington warned the country over 200 years ago about the negative effects of political parties in a letter he wrote to the nation just before leaving office.

“The common and continual mischiefs of the spirit of party are sufficient to make it the interest of a wise people to discourage and restrain it. It serves always to distract the public counsels and enfeeble the public administration. It agitates the community with ill founded jealousies and false alarms; kindles the animosity of one part against another, foments occasional riot and insurrection. It opens the door to foreign influence and corruption, which find a facilitated access to the government itself through the channels of party passions.”

Our main political parties no longer care about what is best for the people and the parties are too busy slinging mud to focus on the real issues at hand. I think it's time we do something about it and make a movement for a REAL change.

*steps off soapbox*


School, Thou Art a Heartless Biznatch

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Thank you blogger for being a hooker and posting just the title of this when I was no where near the post button. WTFH?!

School is already kicking my arse.
I'm exhausted.
Early classes are the devil. Evil in its purest form.

My brain is fried and it's only been a week.

I am SO boned.

I swear I'll post something worth reading soon. Just wanted to pop in and say hello.

Actually to be truthful, I fully intended on writing a real post... but once I started writing all that I was going to talk about ran far, far away.


Go figure.


Wordless Wednesday: Not Really Wednesday

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By the time this is posted it will no longer be Wednesday. So we're going to say that I get to have a few words and that we're going by specific time (bahaha jk jk I know it's Pacific but I heart when Brian's gf Jillian, voiced by Drew Barrymore, says that on family guy)

Brian Griffin [answering the phone]: Hello? Oh, hey, Jillian, what's up?
Jillian: Brian, are you coming over to watch Laguna Beach tonight?
Brian Griffin: Uh... what time does it start?
Jillian: 10:00, Eastern and specific time.
Brian Griffin: What? What did you say, "specific" time? Don't you mean Pacific time?
Jillian: No, I think it's called specific time. They mean it starts specifically at 10.
[Stewie chuckles]
Brian Griffin: Stewie, are you on the line?
Stewie Griffin: ...Yes.
Brian Griffin: Jillian, I'll talk to you later. [hangs up]

I love it.

Now I will introduce you to the girls with the technicolor hair.

At 13 I began dying my hair. I started with red.
My best friend in the pic (on the left) just had to use some (even though her mom said no) so there wasn't enough to fully do mine so it came out streaky.

In 8th grade I was voted Most Likely to Have Blue Hair

I used red for a long time! I loved it, especially when it was a dark color like this...

Then I bleached my hair on a New Year's Eve. It came out Strawberry Blond, well all but the roots, which were white. The color was so close to my skin tone that when I showed up at school a friend came rushing up to me to touch my head because she thought I had shaved it, lol.

Sadly, no pic that I can find.

Then came the pink. I had pink streaks for a lot of high school and even after high school. Here is a crappy example. And yeah, that would be a smirnoff ice in my hand.

Then I was just bleach blond for senior year...

After high school I got a pixie cut. I know there is photographic proof somewhere and for a few months I had really short hair and it was *gasp* my natural color!

Well all until we got to the hair dye part of cosmetology school. Then I went for purple with gold streaks. I will never forget the look on our older prof's face. She just sat in the chair watching us shaking her head the entire time. (For many reasons, many that you learn in cosmo school)

Then, as most of you likely know when you go too many shades darker (like more than 2-3) it fades quickly and looks terrible. So then I went (even darker, lol) and covered the crappy roots and faded junk with black.

Somewhere in between I went back to dark red, and then bleached it again, only to end up with orange hair. It was awesome. /sarcasm

Then back to blond much later. I have sever photos of me all half blonde, half nasty faded black remnants. I'll spare you. In comes some pink. Again. Just a little and placed so it could be hidden if necessary.

Then came the blue with platinum blond bangs. 9 years after being voted most likely to have it, lol.

Now my hair is close to my natural color and the longest it's ever been. I am currently dying (no pun intended) to put some streaks of color in it, just gonna have to keep them small and something easy to hide. Boo!

So there you have it.



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Well school has started again and I have mixed feelings. Mostly I've grown used to having spare time and I don't want that to go away. Not that I really did anything of value with my spare time but that is besides the point.

Anyway... already this semester I know I will have multiple papers. Two of which are 5-7 pages. Balls.

I also remember now that I really should have worked on my Japanese over break too. >.< Oops.

Oh and yesterday some asshole backed into Ichigo. No damage but I was leaning against her (the road is way narrow and she's a two door so I was waiting for passing traffic) and she lurched. So I'm kinda waiting for said moron to finish parking and get out so I could tell him there was no damage. Well he was moving very slow at getting out of his POS van. So I get my stuff into my car. Then the dick head grabs his stuff and walks across the street!! No check to see about damage, no asking if my car is ok... NOTHING!

I was like are you effing kidding me. I have two theories about why, both of which are scary/maddening.

1. The old man didn't even notice.
Which makes me feel oh so safe and makes me think old people should have more in depth license renewal so old people who can't even tell when they've hit a car are no longer on the road or

2. He is, as said before, an a-hole.
Which makes me want to punch things. Mostly him though.

So yeah I was livid. For those who don't know I love my car. She's a '98 but gets 32 miles to the gallon (so car companies are full of it when they say they can't make new cars that get that without them being hybrid) and she just rocks in general, so I'm very protective of her. She may not look brand new anymore but she's a good car. (& if you want to know where her name came from watch Kamikaze Girls with Anna Tsuchiya. She would be Anna's character in it- acts tougher than she is, lol.)

However, I will end this post with news of awesomeness. I am for the next two weeks, a total of like 3 days, assisting Peter Konerko (an amazing photographer) while he does head shots for the theater dept. I was way nervous, cause he's amazing so I was intimidated, but he's awesome. So knowledgeable and I've already learned some stuff from him (and last night was just the informational meeting!) and I'm excited to work with him and pick his brain. I was in awe as he talked with the theater students about what they needed to wear, do, etc. Srsly.

You can check out his photography here: http://www.peterkonerko.com/

So yeah, I'm stoked.

Oh and I finally posted an intro to me on Ponies Don't Equal Orgasms which is a blog that will someday be known as (but not until we're all dead and gone) The Blog of Awesome. If you haven't checked it out and voted in our poll about what you want to hear us posting about then do it NOW! (Well after catering to me and leaving loving comments). ;)


Wordless Wednesday: I had light up shoes in HS

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Goals for 2010

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So here it is folks, whether we want it or not it's 2010 and it's resolution making time. Well that means it's goal setting time for me. :D So I figured I'd share them with all of you, whether you care what they are or not. ;)

Number One: Finances
I vow to keep better track of my finances!
I also vow to make a plan to pay a ton of this shit off while actually saving some money away for both rainy days and emergencies and only buying what I have the means to.
Srsly. My finances are ridic & cause me oodles of stress.

which leads me to...

Number Two: Let it Be!
Quit being such a frikkin worry wart.
It never helps the situation and just gives me a tummy ache, tears and wasted time.

Number Three: Finish Novels
I have two novels I'm writing.
One I started summer of '09 and one that I started for NaNoWriMo '09. I ran out of ideas for the first (until recently) and then ran out of time and energy (One I started summer of '09 and one that I started for NaNoWriMo '09. I ran out of ideas for the first (until recently) and then ran out of time and energy ($&^@ing school) for the second so...
amp;^@ing school) for the second so...
I vow to finish them both this year!
As in "ready to send around and get lots of rejection letters" finished! :D

Number Four: Lose it!
Lose the weight that is!
I vow to lose 40 to 50 lbs (haven't weighed myself so it may be 50 now. >.< ).
AND keep it off.
I want to feel comfortable again, and wear all those cute clothes I refuse to donate/throw away so I have an excuse to not donate/throw away.
My plan: Exercise, eat smaller portions, less candy and pop (little to no pop, it tastes like syrup anymore anyway), and watch calories when possible.
Also with the exercising it's not only to lose the weight but to build me some muscles again, lol.

Number Five: Rock the home biz
I'm going to rock it this year. Hopefully enough that my puny two days at my job won't depress me so much. This means revamping hostess specials and everything.
I will succeed at this and it will help me greatly with resolution #1 when I succeed.

Number Six: Be a good student!
I have a happy bunny cell phone charm that says "I want to be a good student, unless that means coming to class." and that's kind of how I was this last semester and it screwed me out of a B+ so no more screwing around.
I vow to miss as little class as possible (2 days at most for art classes and 3 days at most for others).
I vow to stay on top of my homework this year and if possible stay ahead.
I will graduate this year! Even if it scares the shit out of me to do so.

Number Seven: Become a better photographer
This pretty much goes along with #6 since I'm a photography major but also involves some work outside of classes. Meaning grabbing some books and stuff that aren't required and asking my adviser questions to the point of being utterly aggravating. Be prepared John.

So that's what I've got so far everyone. I think it's important to always be working on goals for yourself so this may change (as in get bigger) throughout the year. I am determined to be the procrastination queen inside of me down and show her who is boss around here.

So what are your goals/resolutions for 2010?
Have a same goal and wanna be resolution buddies? :D

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