In Utah, the Moon Rises in the South

Posted by Bitten Usagi at 10:58 PM
No joke. So I'm sitting here thinking that I want to write a blog but I'm not sure what to write about. Then I remember that I'm pretty sure I promised I would explain the time my Mother-in-law and I discovered that in Utah, the moon comes up in the South.

Early in the semester there was a death in the family on my father-in-law's side. So we all packed up and headed to Utah, specifically Fairview. So one of the nights we were there my Mom-in-law and I hung out at the hotel while the guys went and did something, can't remember what. So we go across the street to the restaurant and were discussing what direction we thought was which. Random? Maybe. So I say North is one way and she says it's another, so we flag down our waiter to ask cause it's driving us nuts. He initially looks at us like we're on drugs and then answers. We were both WAY off. Then, and only then, do we realize that from our table we can see the moon. >.< So then we were cracking up that by her directions, the moon had come up in the South. Then of course, when the guys got back we slipped and told them of how turned around we got (in our defense if you have ever been to Fairview, UT it is in the mountains, as in surrounded and therefore very easy to get turned around in. That's my story anyway, lol) and haven't been able to forget it since, largely in thanks to my Father-in-law and husband. My husband is forever asking what direction the moon rises in in Utah and making comments about the moon rising in the South. Lol. Gotta love husbands.


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