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Well obviously my plan to update regularly fell apart.  Such is the life of a SAHM me.  LOL.

I fully intended to write up a nice post on so many things but by the time I have time I'm too tired, haha.  I'm not sure where these mommy bloggers get the time to write every single day.  Then I tend to put way too many irons on my little fire.  Damn me and my too many interests.  Seriously it's always a struggle when I need a bio for something and there's a character limit.  I'm like I can't fit everything!!  WTF am I supposed to sacrifice??  Haha!

One of my larger unnecessary time sucks is gone though.  I used to play SimsSocial and SimCity Social a LOT.  Now the game is being closed come June 14th and I decided to stop wasting time on it.  It wasn't until then that I realized exactly how much time I was spending on those games.  And for what?  Fake stuff that won't exist past the 14th of June.  Now that's not to say I won't spend time playing the new SimCity game, which I love, but I have honestly disliked facebook games for a while now and played very few.  My husband told me to play Farmville, which I do but I refuse to let it turn into the time suck that SimsSocial and SimCity Social did.  It was ridiculous.  Plus I can't stand Zynga.  They're greedy pricks IMO.  Haha.  Though I know a lot of people feel that way about EA too.  In fact some people are flat out livid about SimsSocial and SimCity Social closing.  Why? Mostly because they spent hundreds of dollars on fake stuff.  Umm I think that's more of a personal problem.  I could go on and on about where I think they went wrong with stuff and lost money *cough* weekly updates *cough* but I think the most upsetting thing is all the people they had to lay off which is what closing these games was a result.

Then again..... I just wrote a huge paragraph about crap that doesn't matter... so uh, yeah.

I've started crocheting amigurumi and I LOVE it.  I'm obsessed and I started an etsy shop, but get this... I'm too busy with outside orders to add anything to it!  O.o  Hell of a problem, I know but I'm super excited.  I'm nearly caught up too, though so hopefully in the next few weeks I can get some things added soon.  In the meantime I have a whole two scarves in the shop, but I'm going to be adding my original creations the Gothique Girls, lots of nerdy and geeky themed cell phone charms, coffee cup coozies and custom dolls where you can pick out what you want!  The shop is Bitten Designs and I have a Facebook page where I'll be doing facebook exclusive giveaways so be sure to like the page so you don't miss the goodies!  And I promise I'll be changing the icon and banner to something less wintery soon because I don't know about any of you but I'm beyond over winter, haha!

On that note does anyone else go through redesigning kicks?  I meant to change my banners through the seasons for my shop but I've changed my mind but still I redid the family blog and put a different template on this one and I'm finally ready to get to work on Bitten Photography's layout too.  Talk about a wild hair, I guess, haha!

Well the boy is restless so I better wrap this up and make dinner before he throws something at my laptop. -_-  Hope you all are well.   Let me know what kind of games you've gotten addicted to in the comments.  Or even what kind of stuff you hope to see in my shop.  I'm always open for ideas and am currently working on a pattern for a Moogle from Final Fantasy. ^w~

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