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So I'm super excited about Thanksgiving. I wasn't but I am now. My Mommy is going to come up and spend Thanksgiving day with us (I have to work but only a 4 hour shift) so we're going to make the whole dinner, which should be interesting in Cody & I's tiny ass kitchen. Seriously I've seen bigger closets.

I am also happy that I will actually get to enjoy the holidays this year too. The last two years I worked at JC Penney's and they started playing Christmas music the day after Halloween which is just too damn early, plus all the commercialization which I just couldn't handle. YAY! For some reason the approach of the holidays is making me feel all house-wifey too, lol. I just wish I had the money to buy stuff to make more decorations, particularly a wreath for the door. No, not buy a wreath, buy the materials to MAKE a wreath! To hell with some crappy walmart overpriced wreath that has no meaning to me or my family. (whoa... uhhh, getting off of my soapbox now...) I'm also going to make (or rather attempt to make from scratch) pumpkin pie and rolls for Thanksgiving, which is a little scary as I'm not good at that kind of stuff, lol. Cody's happy though, it's one less thing he has to cook! Hahaha! He does most of the cooking, mostly because I hate to because I worked in a restaurant all of high school and a few years after, blech. I'm getting back to liking it though, just don't tell him that, lol. ^w~ Actually though, if it weren't for school and all this homework I would likely cook much more often so he will probably see more meals from me come graduation, or at least after Spring semester. :D

I'm also excited that Mom will be there til afternoon the day after Thanksgiving too so we can put up Christmas decorations. It's a tradition that I love! Snacking on Turkey sandwiches and decking out the house with decorations I've had since I was a kid (even ones I made as a kids). Plus there's always picking out a new ornament for Cody and I and another for the furkids.

Anyway, I suppose I should get back to doing something productive, like studying for my Nihingo exam, which I almost forgot to do. Oops!



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