Goodbye NaNoWriMo, Hello Week of Hell

Posted by Bitten Usagi at 9:52 PM
So Thanksgiving was great. Okaasan made it and it was a good thing she got here when she did as the turkey got done an hour early so then we were rushing around trying to get everything else fixed, lol. My rolls failed. They're edible but they didn't rise cause I wasn't thinking when creating them, hahaha. It was still awesome and we all ate ourselves into a turkey coma and I had to take a quick nap before work. Oh and speaking of work... it was the longest four hour shift EVER. It was pure torture. Plus I accidentally knocked one of those big ass bottles of the "smart water" crap and it fell on the lid and busted and I ended up with a good portion of the damn thing in my shoe. It was super and of course it was as I was putting the last item on the shelf before I left for the night. >.<

But then we drove around and got some photos of Christmas lights as there is a house here in town that is just effing INSANITY. Seriously it's like daylight surrounding the house. It was a lot of fun though. Then we came home and watched Star Trek. For those who don't know I am a HUGE Trekkie. As in while in Vegas on our honeymoon we went to Star Trek the Experience (where I got my pic in a borg regeneration chamber, in the captains chair of the enterprise and with a Klingon that was hanging out in Quark's bar.) Proof?

Yeah my face is way red. It's what happens when I'm buzzed/toasted, which is about the only way I would have the balls to ask a Klingon to get a pic with me. Yes I'm sure these guys get this all the time but they don't break character for anything. Hell they prolly don't break character for a freaking fire, LOL. Yeah I really want that job. No joke. It is on my list of dream jobs.

Though the original series is not my favorite (They go in this order- TNG, Voyager, DS9 then TOS) I was excited to see this movie as it looked awesome so finally we rented it. And?

IT WAS FREAKING EPIC! I loved it. Plus JJ Abrams is my new hero. He uses some of the most simple things that most wouldn't even think of to achieve certain effects and he is totally going to be a huge influence in my photography in the future. So yeah it has my official seal of approval! Even Cody liked it. Yeah I'm totally going to turn him into a Trekkie.

Then today we put up Christmas decorations. Tree, the furkids' stockings, some garland, well loved nativity set and a few other odds and ends. Hopefully I'll be able to get a few shots of the nativity set and stuff put up and explain about my nativity set and ornaments in the next week or so. Someone remind me. Kthx. ^w~

So I have officially thrown in the towel on NaNoWriMo. I just don't have the time to write 30,000 words this weekend and most of tomorrow, Sunday and likely all night Monday, I will be spending on a painting. Also at some point I need to take glorious photos of said awesomesauce Christmas decorations for my final photo project. Oh the joy. Then finals are next week... AAAAHHHHHHHHHH! So not ready for them but so ready for this semester to be OVER! I have decided though that I am going to finish my novel though. It just isn't going to happen in time to submit it for word count. Super disappointed in myself but I just can't let my grades take a back seat so I'm going to finish the first week or two of winter break. :D

Anyway... enough babbling. Hope everyone had an AMAZING Thanksgiving! <3




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