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Wow... it has almost been an entire month since I blogged. I fail. >.< So yeah... Even though I fail as a blogger my bestie KatOfDiamonds gave me an award. Awesome ne? Thank you girl! There are so many reasons we're besties!! Srsly. I love you for so many reasons. If only I wasn't married. ;)

Here are the rules for the Beautiful Blogger award:
1. Thank the blogger who gave you the award.
2. Paste the award on your bloggity blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated you for the award
4. Share 7 interesting facts about yourself.
5. Nominate 7 other bloggers.

So here are 7 "interesting facts" about me

1- I have 5 half sisters and 1 half brother.
All from my Dad's previous marriage. The 5 sisters I've always known about but I didn't find out about the brother until I was like 23. He died shortly after birth. I talk to four of them though not as often as I should and feel very lucky to have them in my life even though there's about 16 years or so between the youngest of my half sisters and I. The youngest though is like my twin though, lol. We laugh the same and everything. We even snort when we laugh hard. Oh and we both blame our sis Kim for taking all the boobs before we even had a chance to be born, lol.

2- I LOVE body mods.
Piercings, tattoos, etc. I have 17 piercing and 9 tats... and that is only because I lack fundage for more. & though I swore to my auntie I wouldn't, I'd also like a scarification. One of my favorite sites is Deviant Nation which focuses on models with body mods (and is a million times better than Suicide Girls.).

3- I love Playboy
I love the magazine, I think Hef is one of the luckiest bastards on the face of the earth , I love their merchandise and when I was younger I dreamed of being a playboy bunny. I feel like the magazine is beautiful. There are articles (few of which I truly read, lol) and I think it's very classy in the way it shows women. *braces self for feminists to come uncorked on my poor lil blog* Yes they're shown as sex objects but I also don't think that is a bad thing!! And as for the feminists about to go nutzo... you are why chivalry is not dead but laying in a corner crying for it's mommy.

4- I want to be a model
Remember Deviant Nation from fact 3#? Yeah I hope to be a model there soon. It's one of my reasons for wanting to drop some lbs. No not because they want me to (they have a very diverse group of models including many that aren't the size 0, 2, 4 etc. model) but because I don't feel comfy being naked in front of a camera until then. & YES I have talked to the hubs about it, and he approves. Trust me I prodded to the point of annoying just to be sure he was cool with it.

5- I love things from before my generation.
I was raised on M*A*S*H*, BeeGees, old game shows and so much more. Srsly. You know who Spike Jones is? Didn't think so. I was raised on older tv, music and comedy and love it. I was the kid who would rather watch Laugh In than play house.

6- Through most of school I was a geek.
I was always pretty good at school and ahead in reading levels and more. Until hormones came into the picture anyway and even then I was still the kid who asked the longest a paper could be. If it was a story? Yeah I struggled to make it shorter.

7- Photography is my passion
Not a hobby, not a job, not a major, a PASSION. Photos are a moment captured in time whether it be glorious or horrific, candid or planned. I fell in love with photography when I developed my own roll of film and then developed my own print from that negative. I can't articulate the feeling I felt when I developed each for the first time in any other way than it being nothing less than a spiritual experience. *wipes tears from eyes* Srsly. It was one of the most beautiful experiences I've ever had. Honest.

Now for my nominations... (Sorry if joint blogs aren't allowed to be nominated but these peeps ROCK & haven't been nominated as far as I know)

7 Beautiful Bloggers:
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