Quickie Post #01

Posted by Bitten Usagi at 11:29 PM
I say quickie... but we'll see how quickie it really ends up as I have a tendency to babble like a brook.

So first...
I got by best grade of the entire semester on my most recent assignment and get this... it was the only one I totally hated and it was a last minute decision (rather forced decision) to hand in. Here's what happened. I shoot hockey games and when I do so I change my camera format to jpeg. There's no reason to shoot in raw when all I'd have to do is convert it to send them in. In class we have to turn in originals in raw (or dng rather but my camera takes the photos in dng to start with which saves me a good 20 minutes- I love Pentax). Well I went out, took some photos and edited one in class no big deal. Well I was working on it again early Friday morning when it was due and I realized I had forgotten to change that setting. FUCK. The one good photo I had was now shit and I could never turn it in, so after bawling and screaming into a pillow and making my headache even worse, I went with a photo that was in raw that was one of many I took for my painting and then took a pic of flower, that was now dead, and boom. My two best grades of the entire semester, which are STILL only B's. Don't get my wrong I'm happy I finally made a B+ but son of a biznatch this entire sitch was well beyond frustrating.



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