So Much To Do!

Posted by Bitten Usagi at 9:52 PM
So let's see. Last week was my birthday, it was great cause I got to hang out with my Mom, Grams and Aunt for most of the day and we ran around and went shopping. My Aunt got me a necklace, my Grams got me a card and Okaasan (Mom) got me the Twilight Saga Journals and yummy Ferrero Rocher chocolates. She almost got me a calendar too, lol. I had taken a pic of a RPattz Calendar for Kat (I take pics of RPattz stuff all the time for her, lol) and my mom thought it was because I liked it. I was just glad we figured it all out before we got to the checkout, lol. I got the rest of my gifts this weekend. A Scentsy warmer and three new yummy scents from my hubby, some $ from my in laws, a card from my gran-in-laws and lots of fun. :D

On another note I am stressed the hell out! Classes are totally kicking my ass as is my financial sitch. Ugh. I am so done with stress... unfortunately it doesn't even seem to be close to being done with me. >.< Big photo project due Friday and needing to start a new painting. Think I may have finally come up with an idea for this painting though, which is a huge step.

Going to take a study break (yeah that's kind of what I'm doing now too but let's not dwell on technicalities) later with Kat to check out the Leonid Meteor Shower. I'm excited (gonna hopefully be a photo or two that works out) since I've missed the last few meteor showers. Just hoping we don't get killed by gang bangers out in that area of town. I'm kind of hoping there will be a few other peeps with this idea parked out there so maybe there's a less chance of us getting raped or murdered. Yeah... The more I think about it the more I want to find somewhere else to park to watch it lol.

Anyway... that's about all that's new with me... oh other than being over 10,000 words short on NaNoWriMo. But since most of my homework is photos and painting (which I don't have the money to buy my stretcher bars til tomorrow anyway...) so maybe I could bust some out after taking some photos!

Here's to hoping I don't go insane soon....



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