Diru Concert

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Okay so this was almost a week ago but I've been too busy editing photos to edit photos. Lol. Make that too busy editing photos for assignment to edit leisure photos. Better? Good, if not, too bad. ^w~

So here are a few photos from the concert- not really edited either, lol. I'm feeling lazy today, you're lucky I'm even posting them! ^w~

The sign out in front of the Gothic. We was super excited to get inside, partially to see Diru and partially to get out of the freakin cold!

And of course, Kyo started to shed clothing. And yes, everyone was happy, ESPECIALLY me.

No blog about a Dir En Grey concert is complete without the totally shirtless Kyo shot either. Sadly his arms are covering that ripped and sexy torso of his. *wipes drool from keyboard* Oops. Sorry about that guys, I try to contain myself but it's not always possible. ESPECIALLY when hot guys are involved.

My bestie, Margi, was also awesome enough to get me a CD and she got a DVD so we were able to get autographs afterwards. Sadly it was only Kaoru and Dai, but it was enough to make my night! Margi got autographs last year too and again it was only two members so she decided (&I agree completely) that getting Dir En Grey's autographs is like collecting pogs. (If you are too young to know what POGs are, please, go enrich your life- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pogs ) Now all she needs is Kyo.

We had a blast, stalking the Diru tourbus after the concert too. Yeah we totally stalked the bus and didn't get arrested or get whined at about being arrested. ^w^ We weren't the only ones though and one guy almost made it to the bus. The best was watching these other two girls, one who, honest to god, tried to blend in with a brick wall when one of Diru's roadies came around the corner. It was a riot watching them. Plus there was always the strange antics of two other girls in corsets. Crazy bitches anyway, bet they shed em when they got home and one probably had bruises. ;) Yeah the crazy bitches were us, and we totally shed them as soon as we walked through the door. Lol. No more corset for me for a while. For a concert breathing & blood circulation is overrated... everyday life not so much.

So yeah. There they be!



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