Today was good, er bad, er... alright?!

Posted by Bitten Usagi at 6:39 PM
I'm currently super irritated. I dunno wtf the deal is other than after I got out of class I had a voicemail from my boss telling me to call her because we needed to "have a chat". What?! What did I do? Well now I gotta wait until tomorrow to find out. I realized there is a training I forgot about, but I remembered that today and was gonna call and see if I could do it tomorrow. That's the only thing I can think of that I could possibly be in trouble with. The waiting is what's irritating me though. I hate waiting and not knowing. Now hopefully whining about it here will help me forget for the night.

The good news for the day- I got my painting finished (after pulling an all nighter to finish it) so that was a relief. I was nervous for the critique, this painting was so much more personal than the previous ones, so there's that putting yourself on the line with your subject matter, technique, etc. Got really good comments from my critique group and then I was talking to my professor about possibilities for my next project and she said that if I could just add some green in my background she'd like to display it in the hall! I almost jumped for joy. She's a pretty tough prof too so I'm really excited about it. She said it was "really beautiful" and during this semester I have really learned a lot from her and come to respect her and value her opinion, so this was HUGE.

Here is my painting (You'll have to rotate it so the blue is at the top):


It's a cross between the technique of Anselm Kiefer (a german artist who used mixed media in his paintings, such as straw) and Georgia O'Keeffe who did the really big flowers to help illustrate their beauty and inspire viewers to look more closely at nature. I combined the two by doing a flower like O'Keefe did but I used grass to bring out the beautiful veins of the rose petals (and if you didn't know rose petals have veins you really need to pay more attention to them! I spent probably a good 20+ hours on this painting. It's 30" x 40".

Plus on top of that I get a night to myself, which is nice, though really it needs to be spent preparing for my next painting and next two photo projects. *sigh* Guess I don't really get a night to myself but I'm going to take it anyway... I'm running on no sleep so that's my excuse. I may post another blog later if I feel like it, but who knows. Damnit I hate having good news and then depressing news... it's so much easier when it's they other way around.



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