Webcomic Wednesday: Angry Faerie

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So I said I was going to do this today and damnit I am!!

In the spirit of what the blog's original intent was I'm going to try and bring you a new webcomic every Wednesday, or every other.  Okay let's go with as often as I can okay?  My semester is killing me slowly so just bear with me.  Love me through it and I'll love you back.

So when I was at Nan Desu Kan in October I went to a panel called "Webcomics: Friend or Foe?" just so I could bring what I learned back to you lovelies and my YouTube watchers.  The panel was about the advantages and disadvantages of webcomics and in the process I got introduced into some new webcomics.  I haven't had a chance to check them all out (*shakes fist* damn you college "education") but I have done quite a bit of reading of one of them and after that I feel I must recommend:

Angry Faerie
by Scott Springer

He showed two comics at the panel that made me fall in love with Angry Faerie but first one of them from the beginning that I loved.  Also I support her burying the hatchet in Mika. It's what he deserves for whistling Celine Dion. *shudders*

Now here's the one's he showed at the panel:

This one is my all time favoritie:

So pretty much you should check it out.  She gets in a fight with Tinkerbell after calling her a corporate shill.  It's pretty awesome.  Plus Scott's a local artist (Denver) and that ups his awesome by lots so yeah.

So go my little friends and enjoy Angry Faerie by Scott Springer who is a pretty cool guy.  PS his name links to his Twitter where you can stalk him as we do in this beautiful age of google maps, twitter and facebook.  


World Class Hissy Fit

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I watched my professor play drama queen and throw a hissy fit of epic proportions today.

Now really even though his classes are my hardest one (and are two of the three that are making my life a complete and total hell this semester) he is one of my favorite professors.  He tends to flip out a lot.  Normally after paper & exam time because "were just not absorbing the info" etc.  Well his classes is kind of ridiculous expectation-wise some times.  Actually most of the time.  He's one of those that acts like his class is your only class with the way he loads work on.  Seriously we we're supposed to have read a huge-ass book for one of the two classes and I could barely get it started by the time paper time rolled around.

So after we all do particularly horrible on our tests he yells.  Guess one class he even made them put their heads down like they did in grade school, remember that?? *shudders*  I hated the smell of those desks and the germs... *gags*  So honestly I haven't had to experience that, thank the gods above, but yeah he does a lot of yelling.

Well he's already been complaining about how terrible our papers are in my Japanese history class today.  So in our first class of the day we were watching a movie and I can see he's standing there during the movie grading them.  This is when the fit came in.  He's up there reading and making huge disgusted faces, mumbling, mouthing curses and making exaggerated marks with his little red pen.

I lost a lot of respect for him.

He yells about this being college and not high school all the time, but that?  That right there was straight up elementary.  I'm super disappointed in him.  And uber happy that I was dumb and agreed to cover a shift during my Japanese history class so I'll be missing the yelling that will probably take half of the class period if not more.

I understand being mad but if you're students are all doing that horribly maybe, just maybe, you should look to yourself and see what you're not explaining well enough.  Sure asking your peers to check your page about the paper to see if they can understand it is great but they are not college kids anymore.  Most of them probably have doctorates and barely remember their first 1-4 years of college...


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