Sexy Saturday: Wil Wheaton

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I know, I know!  It's been forever and I'm sorry but classes started Monday so I'm trying to get used to a new schedule and all that jazz.  After this post I'm off to finish reading Night Pleasures too because I know there is no freaking way I'm going to get any school reading done when I could be reading that instead.

So today I bring you the promised Sexy Saturday (or Dreamy Doyoobi but this laptop doesn't do Japanese yet cuz I'm lazy & haven't installed it yet.  Wanna fight about it?  Yeah?  Well you win because I have a headache already, congrats.)

For those that don't know Sexy Saturday is going to be my weekly Hotness Monster post.  Instead of one big post I'll "share" a hottie a week. ^w~  For my first week:

My very first celebrity crush.

Watching Star Trek TNG with Okaasan was the first time I saw him and I was in looooove.

Seriously.  How can you resist?

Of course then I just had to have everything he was in so on went the search for movies he was in.
(Which had to be looked up in a movie BOOK... yeah a book, kids... you know what those are right? :P  This was before I could "IMDB that shit" or at least before we had a computer capable of navigating the interwebz)

And if you know me at all, you know that I quote Wheaton's Law.  A lot.  
Especially if you're Mike.  But Mike, that's because you tend to be a dick.  Lol. Jk, jk.

And yes I'm still crushin on him hardcore even now...


He's pretty much the King of the geeks.  No make that the god of the Geeks.


He's probably my fav as Fawkes on The Guild but Evil Wil is probably next.

And yes.  I stalk him via Twitter.  What do you think I am? An amateur?  Please, you insult the Vampire Bunny Queen.

& if any of you are wondering what to get me for birthday or Christmas... steal the gold I found last May and get it autographed by him.  Or get him to tweet me... I'd prolly drop dead with happiness either way though...

Random Fact about my love for Wil:
I refuse to say dirty things about Wil because his wife seems awesome (from Twitter stalking) so I would feel bad saying things like I tend to say about other celeb crushes like Hyde or Jonathan Rhys Meyers.  In fact I won't even say them in the same post as him, but when I do those posts, trust me, you'll find out. ^w~


Wordless Wednesday: Sisters

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Kim, Me & Bobbie


Nerdy Nichiyoobi: Rogue

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Ahhhh... elementary school.  I was such a nerd back then, oh wait... I still am.


I was thinking the other day about the games we used to play during recess.  One of my most vivid memories of playing during recess is when we would play X-Men on that spider-web looking metal dome.

{OMG remember when playground equipment was still METAL?  LMAO}

Anyways...  I was always Rogue.
I love her.
Yeah... It's totally the hair.  :P


City vs. Podunk (Rant)

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So I try not to rant on here anymore because it's depressing for my followers but here is a quick rant.

Here's a #RandomFact about me.  I get really riled up about people calling the city a small town or podunk.  So here are some things that I consider make a place a small city rather than a small town or podunk.  

I grew up in a town of 660 people.  My graduating class?  28.  And we were such a big class they had to split us up (well that and we were a bit crazy altogether. :P) and I think we were like the 3rd largest class the school had ever had.

Unless you've partied in a field... you didn't grow up in podunk. :P  Well that or you were a good kid or had too strict of parents to get away with such things.  Have you dived into a sunflower field because you thought the cops were coming up the road?  I have.

If you have anything more than a community college (2 year) it's not a small town.  You can possibly have a Walmart but if you have two, you're definitely not a small town.  More than one school (meaning more than 1 of each level like elementary)?  No.

More than 1 of the same fast food chain or Starbucks, or theaters?  So not a small town.

Sorry but you may be in a small city but it's not a town.  Yeah, yeah... details, details but this is one of my pet peeves.  I have no idea why I get so riled up about it but I do.

My town?  2 gas stations (1 Co-op owned as is our hardware store & mechanic), 1 store that's not a major chain, 2 bars (hey gotta have lots of the important stuff true- but one is part of the American Legion), a post office and an elementary school & middle/high school, 1 restaurant/motel & 1 no name fast food-ish place.  Oh wait and 1 ridic over priced hotel for people looking to get away from the city.  We had a theater at one time but it's abandoned (well the owner lives above it but it's not in use & equip is WAY old) with the exception of the 1 movie that will play in it next weekend (the first time it's been used in about 20 years).

Oh and if you think my town is small... My husband's hometown has a post office & a school (all grades in 1 building) & maybe 200 people...

Ummm.  End rant.


Thankful Thursday: Letters from Obaasan

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Obaasan (my Grams) sends me random letters.  Cause she's awesome like that.

Best part?  They usually come on days that I feel like giving up.  Those days that I'm so fed up with life I wanna crawl into a hole and die.

She got this card just to send it to me.  

The letters?  Handwritten.  Which we both agree are the best kind of letters. 


We may not always agree.  (But there was really only one fight we had that was huge and it was over political issues and we were both bawling by the end, mostly because I think we hated that we were fighting about it.) but she's one of my best friends and definitely one of my heroes.

Obaasan I loves you!!!


Wordless Wednesday: Umm owies?

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Thankful Thursday: Dreams & AH-HA! Moments

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I need this in my life right now.  As in I want it graffiti'd on the wall in my office.  Maybe tattooed on my leg.  It's that epic to me.  I shall explain:

If you follow me on Twitter you may know that yesterday I had an ah-ha! moment early in the morning.  See I have this thing with lightbulbs (hahaha how's that for symbolism).  I don't like changing them because too many times I've had one pop while I was doing so.  They also tend to pop in lamps when I'm right next to them.  Mostly electricity in general (unless we're talking car stereo, I'm a master at that- was taught by the best- my husband).  I had an experience in high school where my lamp wasn't working so I fiddled with the cord which had a tiny chewed spot which I got shocked with and I maintain until this day that everything went "skeleton" like it does in cartoons.  Anyway so I had always thought this fear was just transferring itself into my dreams.

I forever dream of lightbulbs being burned out but knowing/discovering it's an electrical problem.  Too many times have I had dreams about rooms I'm afraid to go in because they're pitch black or too little light to be able to navigate the room.  So yesterday morning I had a dream that once again involved lightbulbs.  In this dream I turn on this set of lights and they all come on and I was like "whoa that almost never happens to me" (kinda knowing it's a dream but not really because I dream about it THAT often that I think it carries from dream to dream) and so I try another set and about half the bulbs are burned out.  Well, when I wake up I'm amazed because I never have that many lit bulbs in a room.

So I get curious and look up the meaning of light bulbs in a dream.  I find out that lit bulbs symbolize being ready to accept/face a reality.  They can also stand for spiritual enlightenment, hope, new ideas and visions or that I'm approaching a situation from a new direction.  Burned out lightbulbs symbolize feeling inadequate, out of ideas or that you have nothing to offer.

Now most of you are prolly like "so what, big harry deal" "recurring theme who cares, what's your point" but this is where it hit me.  I had the most epic ah-ha! moment I have ever experience and it's bleeding into today!  It's more like an AH-HA!!!! moment and here it is-

I fear my artwork isn't good enough, written or visual (both ARE art) and I let it hold me back.  Then I see this photo this morning & I realize that I have a fear I'm not good enough to be a artist and I let it hold me back and by doing so I am asking for permission to be achieve greatness.  Well fuck that.  I'm over it.  This is my last semester where a grade depends on if it's a "correct" or "good" photograph (which btw depends on the viewer, everyone has a different opinion).  Yeah sure, I have to do what a client wants but that doesn't mean I can't do what I need to and what I need to do is make my own path that will attract clients to me!!  I recently started that photo-a-day assignment for myself & while I have slacked off on posting & photographing, I've been thinking about things I could photograph and I've already begun to see the world differently!  

So there you have it.  Yeah sorry it took me a novel to make my point but this is huge for me.  As in, moves me to tears, huge.  This is where I turn the world upside down and back again and make it work for me.  This is where I achieve greatness whether I have permission or not!!!

Also, pretty sure these unlit rooms stand for epic ideas I'll have when I quit being a wuss and grab a damn flashlight & fix the lights. :P  Oh & I'll just settle for a printed version of the graffiti, not sure my landlord/husband would approve. Lol!


Wordless Wednesday: The Napping Buddy

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