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So normally today would be Wordless Wednesday but this week is all about the furkids!

So today I bring you:

Wiener Wednesday

Sakura happens to be the middle furkid so didn't that work out?  Haha.  We got Sakura about a year after we got Takara when we had moved to a place that allowed 2 pets.  I had been telling Cody I either wanted a heeler or a mini dachshund and he wasn't going for either. XD  Well my aunt and uncle had gotten one and he started considering it then we got to looking online and discovered there were long haired ones as well (and wire hairs) and they were adorable so Cody trekked off to south of Castle Rock to get the little girl.  On the way home it was raining like crazy though and she was totally freaked and crawled up behind his neck. XDDD

Sakura is a registered long hair dachshund and she is too cute for her own good, which you already know if you follow me on Twitter, because you get to see a lot of her because she's always doing something goofy or cute.  Her full name is Lady Sakura of the Sea
Lady came from how her ears look like Lady's from Lady & the Tramp- the first Disney movie I ever owned
Still has the plastic case VHS version
Sakura was picked out by Cody because he liked the meaning
Sakura is Japanese for Cherry Blossom for you non-otakus out there.
of the Sea comes from her momma's name because for registered dogs they often keep names similar to parents, it's cute cause in her line there are a bunch of dogs named after candy, hahaha.

OMG I had totally forgotten how tiny she was when we got her.
*goes nuts over photo*


 This one was taken for a certain sweet little girl. :D
(Part of a flat Stanley project, I have a photo of Tigger somewhere with one from my niece)

Okaasan and little miss Sakura this Christmas, lol.  She was fast asleep.  
And as you all know Sakura has quite the collection of clothes, now including this adorable little Christmas dress that she got from Cody's parents this year.

Close up of the new dress as she hid on my lap at the in-laws while little kids tore open presents left and right, haha.  It's glittery so of course I love it.

Then of course there is the adorable french fry fiend.
Seriously this dog LOVES french fries and is ecstatic if she accompanies us to the drive thru or hears crinkly bags of fast food when we come home. 

Honestly I could post photos for days.  It's kind of sad how many photos I have of her and Takara really, plus there is this cute little video of her and her crazy boxing skills.  She has some darn fancy footwork, ne?

You should see the effect she has on huge burly men, too.  Now that's skills.  I've watched muscular men with tattoos and piercings who like like they could rip your arm off effortlessly go out of their way to stop and pet her and... BABYTALK her.  It's freaking hilarious.

She's super sweet though and really good with out niece and nephews (ages 6 to 3) and doesn't have a mean bone in her body, which is a characteristic of most long haired dachshunds.  This likely from the Spaniels that they seem to have bred the dachshund with in order to get the long hair.

See that?  Made you learn something today too, hahaha.  I know lots of facts about dachshunds actually.  Like- did you know dachshund means "badger dog" and that they were bred to track badgers in their burrows and either kill them or drag them out of their burrows?

Can you imagine this going after a badger?
Stealing a seat or maybe licking someone to death, but definitely not going after a super nasty badger.


onyxhikari on January 5, 2011 at 8:53 PM said...

Love it, and her....my little french fry stealing furniece. You forgot about her ant eater, face licking tongue LOL. She's so cute.

AubreyMo on January 6, 2011 at 8:15 PM said...

I wuff her and her mad boxing skills.


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