Meet Chibi-Usa

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And now, the last of the furkiddles and the youngest.  :D


Our little red-headed bun-bun.

So some background on this here story:  I'm obsessed with Sailor Moon.  I'll save going into that at another time but pretty much you need to know that Usagi (Sailor Moon) is the character I identify with most.  So there's this whole thing with her and I call Cody my Tuxedo Kamen (in fact there may be plans for NDK cosplay next years *wink*) and so when we went to the fair I was like BUNNIES!! Lol.  If you follow me on Twitter you may remember this Twitpic:

So all my lovely Twitter friends were like "seriously Cody she needs a Chibi-Usa" and we bugged the hell out of him about #OperationCuteCuddlyMinion and it was awesome and we totally broke him.  Lol.  And little miss bun-bun came home with us.

Sakura was not going to be the only one not in my lap of course.

Takara is still scared of her for the most part when she's out running around the house trying to get away with chewing on papers she can find and trying to run underneath the dog.

Yes she runs UNDER Sakura.  Unfortunately I haven't caught it on camera because it doesn't take long before Sakura gets mad and lays down somewhere.  Apparently she's not cool with having someone run underneath her and since she's used to being too low to the ground for anything to do that I can understand why (that and it may have to do with the reasoning of why dachshunds run under other animals from their badger hunting days.  It's not nice and I think the threat of having someone do that to you would be upsetting).

Then when Takara does get brave enough to check Chibi out...

Sakura guards her or chases the cat away.
(and now you know why I'm really not all that concerned about Takara bothering the baby)

And no that's not Chibi's cage, it's what we brought her home in.
And ya know, even though she runs under Sakura...
They're still pretty good buddies.


Connie on January 9, 2011 at 10:53 PM said...

Lucky you! Both your pets are darling.. I've been wanting a puppy!


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