Carving Out My Path

Posted by Bitten Usagi at 6:15 PM
So it's almost been a week since I blogged but it's pretty obvious that it doesn't matter to anyone other than me whether I'm blogging or not.

Had my meeting with my adviser about my portfolio and I'm still super nervous about it but I've got an idea though and I'm ready to run with it.  I wonder if he saw the specific moment the ah-ha moment hit me or not, but then some of it hit me after I left too.  I realized that I'm not putting my attitude into my photos so no wonder I'm having problems.  I've got a few more photos to edit and get to models but then I'm going to be working my ass off and hopefully getting about a shoot a week in or at least every two weeks so I can really hone putting myself into my photography.  My professor said a couple things in our meeting that really hit me, like the fact that looking at me it's pretty obvious I have a rebellious nature and I'm not portraying that and to get the clients I want I need to be doing that.  Also when he suggested some places I look to get some inspiration I realized a few of my own and I'm super excited to start drawing from these places as well, such as anime and manga.  Plus I've still got that photo from my ah-ha moment last year hanging in my office reminding me all the time that if I want to achieve greatness I gotta stop asking for permission.  ^w^

Other than that I've just been busy with lots of reading for classes (so much for getting any fun reading in this semester) so my "now reading" is all jacked up. I will damn well find a way to read Lover Unleashed when it comes out in March though.  Can't wait for more of my man Vishous.  YUM.

So that's it for this installment of the vampire bunny talks to herself so yeah...


PS:  How about them Packers? :D



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