I Should Be Reading

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But I'm not.  Obviously.  I can only read so much about Asian Politics until I want to *headdesk* until I can no longer feel, haha!  I have been doing more unassigned reading than anything, really.  I got a book with tips and info for portrait photography that I've been reading a lot of.  Most is review but a some of it has been extremely helpful since most of my lighting experience is in lighting products and not people, though there are some similarities between the two.  I did assist a photographer the semester before last and that helped me a TON but it was also with studio lights.

My new camera came today.  I was super excited.  It definitely made my Monday suck less.
Though really it's my Tuesdays that are my hell.

Meet TIM 
(TIM stands for Twin Image Maker)

Also meet and love Archimedes who accompanied dear Timmy on his journey from Photojojo to his home with me.  ^w^  He is also quite the star of my Timmy photos.  :D

My other two should be here any day now as well.  I finally was able to get a Polaroid one-step (I've been wanting one for years) and the one I ordered happen to come with a Polaroid Square Shooter 4 which may or may not work but considering I got them both for what most of the one-steps were going for individually I was pretty happy.  Film for the Square Shooter is pretty damn rare though so I don't see using it anyway but it's good for the collection, ne?

I also made me a cell phone charm.  I was super stoked that my new phone (Droid X) had a spot for a charm but didn't want to get something metal that would scratch the screen (or the screen protector- haven't made the jump to buy the $30 one that's supposedly scratch proof) so I decided I would get a plushie one and while I did find an uber cute Hello Kitty/Ichigo (strawberry) I found this little guy at Hellmart and in my head I was like "IT'S SO FLUFFY I'M GONNA DIE" *giggle*

 So I made my lil white & purple unicorn into a cell phone charm.  :D

Also, I have blogged over at the family blog again.
I really just need to make a button to put over here in the sidebar but yeah... maybe someday and maybe not, hahaha.  I'll prolly blog again around tomorrow or Wednesday too, since I sat and watched my stomach move for like 20 minutes last night and another 20 minutes tonight.  *giggle*  I just love it so much I can't get over it.  It's funny when people tell me "oh wait till he's big and doing this or that" like it was so annoying (someone on my fb).  I simply tell them that I am totally okay with that.  This way I know my lil man is okay.  Plus maybe it's that we've waited so long for this that I cherish every bit of it.  I love when I'm getting kicked like crazy from the inside.  It's so fun and so weird and I wouldn't trade it for anything.  



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