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Happy Monday all!!  Well as happy as a Monday can be. :P

On Twitter, many, many weeks ago, we were talking about how it's getting cold which means out come the shirts, dresses, hoodies and coat for little miss Sakura and I was like hey I should do a blog post about how much clothes our little beloved wiener doggie has.  Cause I'm sad and pathetic and need children (thank the gods we have one on the way eh?).

Sakura has t-shirts:


And sweaters

And hoodies & dresses:


Then of course she has two coats:
This one I had to buy

Then of course there's the new coat, an early Christmas present from Aunt Margie (yes... Auntie who never buys pink actually touched this long enough to buy & deliver it XD):

Sadly she's not really a fan, but she'll get used to it I'm sure. :D

Say "thank you aunt Margie" XD

Funny story:  The night she got this she accidentally got dropped on her head.  We were trying to motivate her to move around and she was being nudged to try and jump off the chair... yeah she didn't jump.
Poor little girl.


onyxhikari on December 13, 2010 at 10:14 AM said...

All I can remember is her freezing when you put it on.... > < She was like the fainting goat minus the fainting. HAHAHA my furniece is freakin hilarious!


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