Last Semester

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Terribly creative title, ne?

So I was supposed to have blogged yesterday but I didn't get around to it.  Mostly I was in a horrific mood and didn't want to subject you all to an entire post of my whining.  It wasn't that anything had really gone wrong I was just having one of those days that emotionally I feel like crap and every tiny thing annoyed me.  I hate when I'm like that and there's no reason for it, especially with things in my life right now.  I have so much to be thankful for and then when I remind myself it makes me feel that much worse for being such a colossal @$$.

Today is a bit better though, so here I am.

2nd day into my last semester of college EVER.  Thank the gods above because this university is trying my patience this semester, lol.  I pay them how much a semester and they can't even get mobile blackboard for us?  Yeah I can access it via my mobile browser but I just find it a bit ridiculous is all, though I should be used to the university spending more money on getting students here than keeping the sudents they have happy.


Maybe I shouldn't be blogging today either.


So my classes are looking good so far.  Fairly easy but we'll see if they stay that way.  One of my professors is British so that was a highlight.  I felt smarter just going over the syllabus the first day than I have in entire semesters of other classes *cough*Women's Studies*couch* (& the Great EYE!!! class) Plus my photo class sounds really fun, I'm just super nervous about my portfolio.  I'm scared and I need to really remember this:

 Then I think I'll be okay.
I hope.

Okay so since I can't seem to be anything but depressing I'm going to end this here and do some research for a class for a tiny presentation I need to do Thursday.

Oh after some thinking I decided to go ahead and keep the family blog separate.  I tell Okaasan about my awesome ibffs a lot and when I started the blog she asked if they would be commenting there and I said yeah some might and she was pretty excited about that so I'll let you guys know when I update it and we'll go from there.  :D  Oh and uh... I updated it last Wednesday after our ultrasound.

Speaking of awesome ibffs, go give the ever so sweet and funny Aubrey some love.  She lost her Grams recently and could use some extra hugs and love.



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