Year in Review: 2010

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Well 2010, it's been real and it's kinda been fun depending on which month you're looking at, haha.  This year was a bit crazy and also really boring at some points but here we go:

So yeah... I really have nothing interesting to say here other than I started another semester of classes, which happened to include my Lighting class, which brought me to a whole new level of love/hate with photography, hahaha.  But it made me a much better photographer and I even took a photo that my professor proudly proclaimed "that lighting on that photo will get you jobs"  Not gonna lie, I beamed for a bit after that one.

This was also the only semester I got to take a class with the ever so lovely Kacey, whom I love dearly and boy did we have fun in Human Sexuality, sitting in the back giggling and doing collective eye-rolls when that one girl who had a story for everything (which normally didn't even apply to the topic of discussion).

My Mario Mushroom Tattoos
(Cause I'm a nerd like that)
These were pretty much our Valentine's Day gifts to each other, though truthfully we were boycotting the holiday this year saying we could show our love any day of the year and didn't need someone's commercialized bs to justify it.
These were Cody's new tattoos, you probably can't see it very well here (especially since it's right after they were done- details don't usually show up til they heal) but the blue star looks like water and the red looks like fire.

3 years.
And we haven't killed each other!!
*happy dance*

This was also the month we were working on where we were supposed to be moving and my Pride took one in the family jewels.  T^T  Only to find out later even after cleaning the place up that it wasn't going to be liveable as there was damage to the foundation, water pipes, etc. and it was scramble like hell to try and find a plan B.

We moved!!!   We finally got out of that tiny apartment and moved into a house (duplex if you wanna get technical) and it's like 3 times the size of the place we were living plus had a yard for lil miss Sakura to run around in, which she loves.  We also finally have room to grow and aren't stepping on each other all the time and room for a garden.  Plus we're near the edge of town so I don't feel so claustrophobic.  Not saying I love the city now but it sure as hell made it MUCH easier to deal with.


The End Hate Photoshoot with my besties Kat & Kacey.
(Click on this ^ link to see my blog with our finished Photos)

I also finally did my "peek-a-boo wildlights"

I got a new desk for my office with room for me to eventually get a couple more huge monitors for photo editing as well as have space for my writing and drawing stuff as well.  Before now I had been working on a desk that had tons of stuff shoved into drawers and I could never find everything.

Bestie Margarita and I went and saw Eclipse at midnight and loved it.  Definitely the best of the movies so far with the exception of the new Victoria.  Sorry kids but she was terrible.  She took Victoria who wanted revenge and was a wicked person and turned her into a sniveling wuss!!  Other than that it was amazing.  Suddenly there was actually acting from the MCs and there was no Stuttering Stanley.
And I still say that Ashley Greene and Jackson Rathbone have amazing chemistry.

Pretty much the best and worst month (the best would later be replaced by September) of our lives.  

Awesome part? I met Kristina Horner when she and Luke were in Denver during their tour.  It was a lot of fun even though I felt way awkward, though she later messaged me via Twitter to assure my that I wasn't a total spaz.  She's so sweet.  Seriously if you don't already you should check her out on YouTube, she's awesome, loves Harry Potter and is super funny.  Plus ALL CAPS's music is amazing.

Now for the best/worst part... *deep breath*
We had a positive pregnancy test and were ecstatic and I told Cody in typical "us" style.
(I yelled holy f*cking sh*t from our bathroom about 4 times and Cody came running thinking he needed to be my white knight and kill a spider)
About 2 weeks later we had to trips to the ER (which has made us both refuse to EVER be treated in the Greeley hospital ever again- that place is a joke) and I had a miscarriage.  Worst month of our lives.  Also the month a came to really hate that phrase "everything happens for a reason".  I believe in that phrase whole-heartedly but when you're hurting like that you want to punch everyone who says it and I'd advise you all to leave that statement behind when comforting someone with such news.  Just be there for them, don't tell them all the ways this is for the better or how women miscarriage every day without even knowing it.  THAT IS NOT WHAT THEY WANT TO HEAR.  Or at least it sure as hell wasn't what I wanted to hear even though I knew that was all true.
*steps off soapbox*
Sorry about that... That was just still something that annoys me, I know people were just trying to help but it hurts even though I have always fully believed in that saying.

The good news:  Honestly it brought Cody and I much closer together.  It also let us know we could get pregnant (we had been trying for 2 1/2 years) which was huge and got us connected to a doctor that we love and was able to figure out what we were dealing with in our first appointment reproduction-wise which was HUGE.  ^w^

This was when we had a new addition to our family thanks to the county fair back home.
Meet Chibi-Usa (my Sailor Moon fans should get this one) our little red-headed (close to pink, ne?) bun bun.

I towed and fixed a car for the first time in my life, under the instruction of my husband of course, but it's something I've always wanted to learn.  There was actually a plan to fix up a '62 Chevy with my Gramps but it didn't work out.  Which is probably better as my Gramps and I have seriously bad temper and just helping him around the house usually ended in some cussing and yelling.
(Please love that the shirt I'm wearing is a sorority shirt)

Dir en Grey Concert
Again.  ^w^
Why?  Because they're freaking awesome and so amazing that it's worth seeing them several years in a row.  Plus this time Cody got to come with us and see why Margarita and I are SO in love with them and have to go every year they come.

Nan Desu Kan (Denver Anime Convention) with Cody & bestie Margarita.
This year we actually went to stuff around the convention and went to the cosplay contest (which we stayed in a line for like 2 hours so the photographer (me) could have good seats, lol).  We fangirl'd (ummm fanboy'd in Cody's case) all around the convention, seeing fav characters, saw Tomo Asaha and his band Echostream play and even recorded this vid for the lovely Meleney so she didn't have to miss out. We also bought LOTS of Japanese snacks (someone get me some ramune & ichigo flavored Gummy Choco STAT) and also went to a couple of panels.  One of which Margarita and I could have done better at with out any extra research.

I also learned of a glorious secret which I only told a handful of people.  After July I was going to be a scrooge with the news because the next few months were hell every time someone hadn't heard and I had to relive it all over again.

Is sadly one of the months I have VERY little of anything to share with you.  
We stayed home for Halloween this year and handed out candy since all of my besties now live elsewhere.  Plus no one likes to invite out the boring married couple.
(evidenced by the fact that I'm writing this blog the evening of New Years Eve)

10 years exactly had passed from when Cody and I started dating (the first time) to when we got to hear our baby's heartbeat.  We also finally started telling people we were pregnant other than family.  And now I won't shut up about it, hahaha.
(It was also this day that I won tix to KoRn from 106.7 KBPI for doing what I do best- Tweeting. LMAO)
I also turned 26 and it was probably the first birthday since I was like 15 that I hadn't partied it up even on my own.  O.o  But the baby I'm makin' is SO worth it.

Bestie Margarita and I went and saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows at midnight.  We had a blast waiting for the movie to start, playing DS while sitting next to each other and having heart-to-hearts as well as possibly making fun of a hufflepuff in front of us (you can only take so much of "planet look at me" before it's too much and it's hard not to take it when she's talking so loudly even the kids in the back could hear her clearly) and I totally got decked out in Ravenclaw colors, though my tie was a tad fail.
Honestly I couldn't even tweet anything, I was speechless.  (Plus my head hurt from bawling)

Got to see KoRn in concert in Denver.
Sadly being pregnant we didn't get to stay the whole night because I simply couldn't stand any longer because my hip was killing me (would have been alright had we not had to stand through TWO crappy opening bands that were "best bands in Denver" and we wonder why our music scene sucks.) but we did get an hour of awesome and I loved them. 
Lunar Eclipse

Probably most surprisingly... I started blogging regularly.
Considering how few blogs to go from for this review this was huge for me.  But I'm hoping to bring MWF blogs to you all from now on and if you have anything you want me to blog about please let me know!!! Want a post for each of the furkids while we wait for the baby?  Please guys tell me something cause I'm sure soon I'm going to run out of interesting things to talk about. XD

Also we have a family blog now.  This one will be for family to keep everyone updated and to post pics of the little one when "she" arrives (We don't know the sex yet but I'm convinced it's a girl because the only old wive's tale I've ever seen work 98% of the time said girl so :P) but here it is if you wanna check it out.  :D  I'm thinking as of now I'll post here what I post there, but we'll see.  It's boring as of right now though.  Will update after our ultrasound next week!

With that I leave you my 2010 review and look forward to blogging more in 2011.
Have a wonderful New Year Year and I hope that 2011 brings you all you hope for and more!!
xoxo ^w^


KatOfDiamonds on December 31, 2010 at 10:10 PM said...

I love your face!
(I also miss it! && I am PISSEDSPICE that The Powers That Be decided that even though I actually wanted to come to Greeley for the 31st-1st crossover, I am at home, in pain. Yeah.)
So, yeah.

AubreyMo on December 31, 2010 at 10:28 PM said...

A few things: Those tattoos are rad. My sister has a shell on her back because we call her "Shelly".
Happy 3 years! Love the trim on your dress, it is gorgeous.

I want a desk like that!

My cousin just lost a baby today (hers wasn't a miscarriage though. He was 8 months old and he drowned.) I don't think there's anything you can say when someone loses a baby. I just wish I could have been there to give you a big hug and watch movies.

Your bunny looks just like a bunny off of Peter Cotton tail. For cute!

I am so glad you told me your little secret via admission to a random craving of pez. PEZ ARE THE BOMB.

That photo of the moon is a testament to your mad photography skillz. I'm glad someone got to see it - we had clouds and snow that night in Utah!

Are you getting pics taken at your ultrasound? I want to see!

And lastly (if you're still reading this, my gosh I'm wordy) thank you for being such an amazing friend. I seriously love you. Happy New Years, I can't wait to see where you're family is at a year from now.


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