Artist Spotlight: Jessica Joslin

Posted by Bitten Usagi at 9:24 AM
One of my favorite bloggers, The Dainty Squid, often posts about artists she loves and I thought I would follow suit, so here you are.  A bonus Thursday post of one of my favorite artists.

I found Jessica while flipping through a tattoo magazine, but which I can't really remember.  I think it may have been the one for women, but I'm not sure.  Anyway when I saw these sculptures I fell in love.  She does found objects sculptures (which are my most favoritest kinds of sculptures EVER) and they're so amazing.  Here are a few:

They're simply amazing.  She had always collected findings and natural objects, feathers and the like, when younger and then in '92 began using them to create works like these.  Everything she uses is a found object, whether found in an antique shop or an attic.  As for the bones, don't fret, she is an animal lover and says "With the exception of replicas and common domestic species (eg. chickens) animal bones are acquired from licensed distributors, the sort of company that a natural history museum might work with if they were putting together an exhibit. I have a strong affinity for animals and take care to deal only with reputable companies, whose specimens are legally and ethically obtained."(quote & photos from Jessica's site)
I pretty much love her.  Her name at the top of the post links to her website so please check it out.  She has many more works as well as answers to frequently asked questions such as where she finds her parts, where she comes up with names and her influences.  ^w^



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