Food For Thought: Water

Posted by Bitten Usagi at 10:00 AM
Have you ever seen What the #$*! Do We Know!? If not I highly suggest it, though today I'm going to share with you one of my favorite parts of the entire movie.  It's also a less Quantum Mechanics-y part so hopefully your head won't hurt when the clip is over, hahaha.  Every time I watch this movie I discover something new but every time it reminds me the wonderful and terrible things our thoughts can do to us, which I think is the most powerful of all.  They also discuss in the movie something I believe quite firmly, that we see what we want, but if you wanna hear more about that then I'll let you head out and find the movie for yourself. :)

It will probably be easier to click on it and watch it on YouTube, so you can watch it larger.  Also if you follow me on Twitter you probably already so me tweet this very clip, so feel free to ignore. :)

I just feel like we forget that our thoughts really mold us.  You are what you think.  Which is also discussed in more depth in the movie as well, but for now I'll hope this part has piqued your interest and you've decided to check it out but I'll warn you, it might make your head spin the first time, hahaha.  Or you may hate it, that's a good possibility too as in my experience people either love it or hate it and there are few that feel somewhere in between.  I happen to love it though.  I also have an opinion about why people who hate it do but I'll let that go for now. *bats eyelashes*

So be careful with what you think, friends, because you are what you think, not what you eat (handy to know since Christmas is this week eh? ^w~ ).



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