Christmas Wrapup... or is it Unwrap?

Posted by Bitten Usagi at 10:43 AM
So I didn't take photos of presents being opened or anything partly because Christmas just felt weird and I wasn't in the mood and also because I don't care who you are, photos of my niece and nephews just come out a blur when they're unwrapping presents.  Seriously the youngest didn't even stop to see what he had opened and didn't even completely unwrap half of them.  Honestly I think the lil guy just likes tearing things apart, haha. (only half joking here)

So we had to wrap Kandess' in a vacuum cleaner box because it was too awkward to wrap as an irregular shaped gift without getting holes galore poked into it (we have a dog & cat that love to rough-house remember) so first she looked at it after we said it was her's and she goes no it's not, it's a different name.

Aunt Cat can't write anything in print.  Even if I try I end up with cursive at the end.  >.<  So we had to explain it was cursive and still her name, lol.  Then when she finally got to open it she ripped it open and went "this is somebody else's, it's a vacuum".  LOL.  Poor girl got disappointed twice.  She seemed very happy with the tea set when she finally got to it though so it was a win after all.  :P

The boys were pretty darn impressed with the Cars cars we got that changed color with water.  As in there was much squealing, laughing and "no my turn!!"s that could be heard from the bathroom as Uncle Cody tried to make sure they didn't flood the bathroom, hahaha. 

I think the best part though was when Cody's Grandfather came in with some clock he couldn't get set.  I still can't believe this one.  See Cody's grandparents don't even cuss, plus there's always that element of not believing your parents or grandparents ever did what we all know you have to do to even have kids or even that they thought of it.  So Cody's grandmother got his grandfather this clock and it was...

wait for it...

A girl in a bikini that dances around the pole when the alarm goes off.


What I love was none of us could believe she bought it for him and were even more flabbergasted with how proud she was of this thing!! XDD  It was absolutely hilarious.

Overall Christmas was great and it was awesome to get to spend some time with our families.  I got Eclipse and Despicable Me, a jewelry cabinet (I have WAY too many necklaces) as well as PEZ for me and the wee one, lmao.  The wee one also got gifts- I'll try to post some pictures later, the onesies were pretty cute.  In fact I've already gotten quite a bit of baby stuff and Okaasan and the in-laws are trying to work out what to get us since we got a crib lined up already thanks to Cody's boss.

And as I type that I remember how lucky we are to have so many people that are so awesome in our lives.  Which puts today into perspective.  For those who are like wtf are you talking about:  Ichigo wouldn't start this morning (and it's the radio that I've fought so hard about keeping that seems to be causing the battery drain- oh hai irony) and so then I was late and all sorts of little other stuff. 

But you know what?  Cody can fix the car, being late wasn't that big of a deal to anyone but me to be truthful and by tomorrow this will all be in the past and likely forgotten forever, especially after I catch a nap today, lol.

So I'm thinking about starting a family blog... but I'm just not sure.  See I talk about things here I wouldn't exactly share with some of my family, like choice in holidays (they're not aware of the religion change. Or things like that I think Felicia Day is freaking hot for that matter) and I'm afraid to bore to death what readers I do have with baby stuff.  Plus maybe it would be a good way to keep the family up to date with, well, the family.  What do you guys think?  I'd still try to my MWF blogging here and over there it would probably be a weekly or so thing... Hmmm....

Well anyway I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas/Yule/Hanukkah/Kwanza etc. and now I'm off to start compiling my Year in Review for 2010 and HOPEFULLY get it posted on Friday.  You know before the year ends, lol.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun christmas.

onyxhikari on December 28, 2010 at 7:12 PM said...

I love the clock, but I think that maybe a a baby count down blog then keeping you updated with your new family and such would be a good thing for your family. I would keep everyone updated, and I may just steal that idea from you as my family is so scattered LOL. But I can do that due to my bestie status. LOVE YA

AubreyMo on December 28, 2010 at 8:39 PM said...

I can't believe your Grandma, she sounds like she could give mine a run for her money!

I think you should do what you feel you need to as far as blogging...but I demand you post at least a few (read: TONS!) pics of teh babeh and the fur babehs every now and then, please?

Bitten Usagi on December 29, 2010 at 9:12 AM said...

Oh that was Cody's grams which is why we were so surprised. My grams has cracked jokes about sex around me, lmao. But I do think when I come visit I should bring her along, hahaha.

Oh don't you worry. There will be plenty of both posted here as well. :D I was thinking about it last night and I may just duplicate posts between the blogs so if you follow this one you get everything and then just family get nothing but the family pics/updates.


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