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So I didn't blog much this semester but a large part of that was how much it sucked and how much work I was doing all semester.  Plus I had big news that I couldn't start sharing until after November 8th, hence yesterday's post.  Which was really hard not to do because there were so many of you I wanted to tell but after telling EVERYONE last time and then having to relive the miscarriage over and over whenever I ran into someone else who hadn't heard yet I refused to go through that again.

Classes were horrific this semester.
I had two history classes which involved two papers and two really intensive exams for each, the one only being 5-7 page papers though but the other being 10-15 page papers.  >.<  And his exams are brutal.  But I think I survived.  You never know with two essays on the final... He has really high standards but you know what, it gives me a challenge, which apparently I needed my second to last semester of my entire college career, haha.

Oh yeah... I'm graduating in May.  I have one more semester left.

*Giant sigh of relief*

Now to tackle that photography portfolio. ^w^

I also had a terrible Women's Studies class that was at 8 am two day a weeks (I do NOT do mornings which you know if you follow me on Twitter, lol) and it had a crap load of reading.  Oh best part... it had a man hating professor.  That was awesome.  It was exactly as I dreaded it would be- nothing but man-hating crap.  Sorry but ladies if you want to change something in the world, whining about shit does NOTHING.  Js.

Then there was photography where I discovered that with our photo prof as you get into higher classes you have less strict guidance & deadlines.  He has everything due at the end which is bad news bears for me.  I totally ended up rushing things at the end and did not get done what I wanted and I'm horrified at what I turned in.  I will however be prepared for next semester though!!  ^w^  The less strict guidelines is good though, be an art and all, it's nice when your professors encourage developing your own style before you leave college.

As for photography, keep an eye on my photography website too, as I'll be posting up some new photos I've taken this semester.  Especially of two lovely ladies I heart bunches who were awesome enough to let me snap some photos of them near the stinkiest lake in Greeley, lol.  It's a wonder none of us lost our lunches.  *shudders*  Especially my pregnant and nauseous self, hahaha (especially with this superhuman smell I have now).  Gonna have to redo some posts though as I didn't realize blogger strips all your metadata from photos.  

Thank you blogger!!!  /sarcasm

So now I'm using flickr to put them up because they keep all your metadata (info about your photo like creator and how it was taken).  Granted people can still be nasty little thieves if they really want to be, but I guess it's kind of like locking your car door, it keeps the honest (or I guess somewhat honest people because what honest person would steal at all) from violating Wheaton's Law, because stealing makes you a dick and being a dick is BAD, Wil Wheaton says so.  :P

Oh!  I almost forgot what else I did!!  Did you see in my novel progress that there's been an addition of a word count AND a little button/ribbon??

I won NaNoWriMo for the first time!!!

Even through all that crap in school (5-7 page paper due the 8th & 10-15 page paper due on my birthday) and going home for Thanksgiving and such I finished a novel!  Well I got past 50k words.  I still need to go back and finish things up, but finals was this week (and for non art students stuff is always due the week BEFORE in art classes) so it needed to take a back seat for a couple weeks.
Then it's edit time!!

(Gomen, just a tad excited)

But also on the to-do list for Christmas break is organizing my ridiculous amount of photos.

Hold me... I'm scared.

I started out my first digital photography semester quite well but things went downhill quick and now it's ridiculous how much organizing I have to do. *sigh*  But it must be done so I can keep backups up to date.

Oh on that note... back up your shit lovelies... trust me.

Wasn't me, but a gal in my photography class lost EVERYTHING 2 weeks before finals and had to re-shoot and edit everything.  Scary stuff, kids.  Well scary stuff if you have a ridic amount of photos, documents and such, not so much if you're one of those weirdos who isn't constantly on their computer. :P

Well that's it for now!! ^w^



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