A Year in Review: 2009

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So I'm rushing to get this done so I can be ready to celebrate the arrival of 2010. So here we go!
Warning: It's a long one! (Yeah go ahead girls... say it...)

I made a joke about Cody getting a Jeep. A friend got nicknamed Alice by a few Twilight lovin' friends and since I love Rosalie (Cause Bella is a freakin tool) I got nicknamed Rosalie. (Juvenile? Yes. Do I care? That's a big hell no.) So then Cody got nicknamed Emmett (without his knowledge). So then Abby and I are talking and I made a joke about getting a Jeep (cause you know, he's Emmett) and he heard it. He was so excited. I didn't know he has always wanted a Jeep (known each other for like 8-9 years and never knew that one). So he was so excited I couldn't take it back.

We bought a Jeep.

No, it's not our Jeep but we kept seeing Jeeps all the time and here, though it's hard to see, there are three parked on the street.

A block away from our house Cody is headed to work and some lady, doing god knows what t-bones him in the Jeep. Srsly. The day after buying the Jeep we went all the way to Denver & ate lunch with the in-laws. The next day, Sunday, we went to Estes and drove around in Rocky Mountain National Park. The next day, a block away from the house... *wham*

Yeah. She was making an illegal u-turn or some shit... not really sure. But yeah, t-boned the Jeep that we bought Friday, that Monday. >.< But we got a rental car for a week. :D

It had an AWESOME stock sound system. I gotta say though I discovered something new about Abby. She doesn't get loud stereo systems. O.o

Our anniversary.

2 Years. I love you baby! :D
I could go in to all sorts of hilarious details... but I will save it for March 2010, for our our 3 year anniversary. Yes stay tuned for some definite hilarity. :D

Also notable: Margi & I's personal party in Hastings while waiting for the Twilight DVD to release.

& of course I was wearing my Cullen contacts just for this special occasion.


Cody's birthday. :D

Also, I found the Rosalie shoes.
Yeah. They rock.

I also created my best ceramic project EVER. Inspired by the Mad Hatter
I worked SOOOO hard on this and I was actually proud of it.

Then an ADVANCED ceramics student loaded the kiln with a pot that wasn't dry. Oh & kids... your teachers lied to you if they said that air bubbles were what blew up a pot in a kiln. Here's a science lesson- what really makes pots blow up is if they aren't dry when they're put in the kiln. Water gets above boiling and *KABLEWY*
Yeah. I cried. A LOT.

I found gold.
Had to go through some stuff back home and trash some things (we had a huge flood in the basement where all my stuff was being stored), plus we were having a garage sale and I found gold.

My first Celebrity Crush, Wil Wheaton. Oh yeah... No not autographed sadly, but still gold.

More Gold. I was a member of the Kenny Rogers Fan Club.

Omg... I loved this thing and used it all the time. It rocked. Sold it in the garage sale so now some other lil girl will write her hopes and dreams down in it too. *tears up*

This is a set of mixing bowls my parents gave my grandparents. I have always thought these were the COOLEST ever. Totally circa late 70's early 80's. Grams was selling them in the garage sale. I was like bs you are... here's $5. (& of course declined the $ no matter how much I protested, lol).

I got my phone.

I fell in love with Blackberry.

My Blackberry Storm became my new addiction.

Concert of Epic proportions.
Margarita, Abby, Amy and I went to Vegas for a concert. But not just ANY Concert. We went to see HYDE. *swoon*

Yeah, that's just Margarita. Chillin with Ju-ken. Yeah Ju-ken of VAMPS. Ya know, VAMPS, Hyde's band... that we went all the way to Vegas to see. Yeah, she's totally gonna marry a rockstar someday and she will have the most rockin entourage EVER. #truth

We found out I have a house in Vegas. Who knew? ;)
(My friends from back home & Sterling all call me Cat)

Hello well stocked junkfood box in expensive ass hotel.

*drool* Hello even better stocked with extremely expensive booze fridge.

The look on Abby's face is priceless. Absolutely priceless. She was so creeped out by this one guy that the rest of us were talking to, lol.

Amy, in front of our expensive ass hotel. Little known fact: The guitar strings move. *snort* No they really don't but it ended in an argument of sorts about whether they do or not.

There was a ton more awesome in that trip but I could write an entire blog on it. I mean the Pink Taco with the girls and the pitcher of margaritas with Amy (after I took an excedrin to combat a migraine the last day we were there) is worth a blog all on it's own.


I had to buy lots and lots of REALLY expensive school supplies.

This however was probably my favorite. This is one of my bestest friends ever. :D

Yes, my camera is a bestie. I love it, and we've been through a lot together. Like the Lens Fiasco of '09

I went to Utah for the first time, and not just to pee on it like we did when we went to Country Jam a few years ago. (Sorry UT friends, I love you and am now sorry for peeing on your beautiful state but I was drunk at the time when we decided to drive the extra 5 miles to UT from Mack, CO)

This is where Mom-in-law and I learned that In Utah- The Sun Comes Up in the South

I discovered that there is a Herbarium at UNC that requires a hazard notification. I believe this is where they are keeping the mandrakes.

I became a full fledged hunter.

I shot my first deer. It was epic. I think Cody was more proud than I was. Oh and spare me the "poor bambi"s cause I hunt and I'm not going to change that just because it doesn't sit well with you. I hunt for the meat and this ol' girl filled our freezer. Also in October... smashed toes from meat falling out of the freezer because it was so damn full.

Tempted, the 6th book from one of my favorite book series, House of Night was released. I bought it the day it came out. I procrastinated reading it though, partially because of school, and I was afraid of the end.

Halloween. My all time FAVORITE holiday.

Bestie Kacey got my Vampyre Vodka. I, the vampire bunny, was super excited as you can see.
Sadly my costume was VERY last minute. :(

Bestie, Kacey- aka Cinderella, met Billy Mays (back from the grave) and drank some Oxy Clean Spray (tea & vodka).

I fell in love with painting.

I used to HATE painting. I hated it with the passion of 1,000 suns, but this semester and with this painting I fell in LOVE. This was also my first A in my painting class. I'm actually proud of this thing and it has since spawned a commission. I have my first art commission. EPIC.

My birthday was awesome. I turned a quarter of a century and got lots of cool goodies from family and friends. :D

Margarita and I went to see Dir En Grey in concert. Again. It was awesome, short, but awesome nonetheless.

Christmas. Lots and lots and LOTS of awesome.

I'll TRY to contain myself on pics here.

The boiler for the heating in the apartment went out. Pipes froze and burst. We froze.

The culprit in the Lens Fiasco of '09

Sakura tried to help Grandma (Okaasan, aka my Mommy) play Hollywood Rummy. It didn't work out well. ;)

I got breakfast made my Gramps. It was amazing. He is the best at cooking breakfast, nothing will EVER compare. :D

Well everyone that was this vampire bunny's year! Hope you enjoyed it!


Anonymous said...

Honey I love the post! Truly awesome! :D I should do one, but you know me LOL! Vegas could be a two part blog!! and if they come back... WE'RE GOING! :D Love you and glad we are making so many memories together! I love when we hang out... In 2009 I love that our random love of anime,manga,and jrock made us besties! 2010 BE PREPARED!! :D

The future rockstar's wife bestie

KatOfDiamonds on January 1, 2010 at 2:37 AM said...

I am proud that you are able to remember so much! ;o)

Philip on February 28, 2011 at 11:02 AM said...
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