Beer & Art History

Posted by Bitten Usagi at 6:33 PM
So I told my dear Twitter followers I would explain why I need beer to study for Art History. So yeah, here it is.

When I went to NJC (a 2 year college in CO) I took Art History I & II. I met my friend Jared in that class, and he was also a model for our life drawing class the second semester (when we were also taking art history II). Oh the memories. Like the time we embarrassed out professor so much with our dirty jokes (of which the quietest and most innocent girl in our class was also involved) during which Jared was a model that he never asked Jared to model again. Oops. LMAO. Anyway so Jared and I started hanging out and then we were texting one night and he was at the bar, studying, to which I was like "yeah sure, studying the female form." So then one night before a test I go with him to hang out at the bar and studying. We started with the books, but ditched em quickly for a game of pool and a pitcher of beer. So then we started quizzing each other as we were playing pool. The next day I ACED my test. It was freaking awesome.

Yeah this class... not going so well and I blame Jared. He knows it too, lol. ^w~ How dare he go to one of the best colleges for his major and leave me here to study by myself? Lol.


KatOfDiamonds on December 9, 2009 at 12:41 AM said...

I'd totally meet Jared! =]


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