Goals for 2010

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So here it is folks, whether we want it or not it's 2010 and it's resolution making time. Well that means it's goal setting time for me. :D So I figured I'd share them with all of you, whether you care what they are or not. ;)

Number One: Finances
I vow to keep better track of my finances!
I also vow to make a plan to pay a ton of this shit off while actually saving some money away for both rainy days and emergencies and only buying what I have the means to.
Srsly. My finances are ridic & cause me oodles of stress.

which leads me to...

Number Two: Let it Be!
Quit being such a frikkin worry wart.
It never helps the situation and just gives me a tummy ache, tears and wasted time.

Number Three: Finish Novels
I have two novels I'm writing.
One I started summer of '09 and one that I started for NaNoWriMo '09. I ran out of ideas for the first (until recently) and then ran out of time and energy (One I started summer of '09 and one that I started for NaNoWriMo '09. I ran out of ideas for the first (until recently) and then ran out of time and energy ($&^@ing school) for the second so...
amp;^@ing school) for the second so...
I vow to finish them both this year!
As in "ready to send around and get lots of rejection letters" finished! :D

Number Four: Lose it!
Lose the weight that is!
I vow to lose 40 to 50 lbs (haven't weighed myself so it may be 50 now. >.< ).
AND keep it off.
I want to feel comfortable again, and wear all those cute clothes I refuse to donate/throw away so I have an excuse to not donate/throw away.
My plan: Exercise, eat smaller portions, less candy and pop (little to no pop, it tastes like syrup anymore anyway), and watch calories when possible.
Also with the exercising it's not only to lose the weight but to build me some muscles again, lol.

Number Five: Rock the home biz
I'm going to rock it this year. Hopefully enough that my puny two days at my job won't depress me so much. This means revamping hostess specials and everything.
I will succeed at this and it will help me greatly with resolution #1 when I succeed.

Number Six: Be a good student!
I have a happy bunny cell phone charm that says "I want to be a good student, unless that means coming to class." and that's kind of how I was this last semester and it screwed me out of a B+ so no more screwing around.
I vow to miss as little class as possible (2 days at most for art classes and 3 days at most for others).
I vow to stay on top of my homework this year and if possible stay ahead.
I will graduate this year! Even if it scares the shit out of me to do so.

Number Seven: Become a better photographer
This pretty much goes along with #6 since I'm a photography major but also involves some work outside of classes. Meaning grabbing some books and stuff that aren't required and asking my adviser questions to the point of being utterly aggravating. Be prepared John.

So that's what I've got so far everyone. I think it's important to always be working on goals for yourself so this may change (as in get bigger) throughout the year. I am determined to be the procrastination queen inside of me down and show her who is boss around here.

So what are your goals/resolutions for 2010?
Have a same goal and wanna be resolution buddies? :D


KatOfDiamonds on January 3, 2010 at 6:36 PM said...

i believe in you!!!


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