Weekly Intentions

Posted by Bitten Usagi at 11:42 PM
 Crappy cell phone pic FTW!

I thought I'd share my Weekly Intentions this week.  This is something I saw Kaelah over at The Clueless Girl's Guide do and I immediately fell in love with it.  It feels like a lot less pressure and honestly I think I get more done off this list than a list I have to get done by a certain time, haha.  Maybe not but it sure feels that way anyway.

I've actually already checked one off completely, though it was one of the easiest of the list, but considering how terrible I've been at getting things done on time lately I'm pretty proud of that accomplishment, haha!  I got a cute new expandable file at Target (love their "$1 or $3" section) just to keep my receipts more organized than shoving them all into an envelope after I write them down in my ledger.

 Cute!  Though I'm still not convinced I like this whole zig-zag/chevron trend...

The difficult ones will be getting photos done and listings updated simply because I'm so tired lately I usually end up napping when D does, which isn't going to get any better in 2-3 weeks so hopefully I can muster the energy to get it done now.  My problem was that I was doing my product photos to focus on just the product but now I want to go a different direction and show some personality with them.  Plus we've made my studio space a little less accessible so I need to work out a new setup, too and lighting in this house is awful and moving my studio lighting is currently exhausting to say the least, haha.  Anyway, really hoping I can get that done as well as update each listing that I have one RTS (Ready to Ship) before I really don't have time/can't stay awake.

So what to-do list item or weekly intention are you happiest you've done this week?  ^w~



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