Friday Fav Five V. 2

Posted by Bitten Usagi at 12:52 AM
This week's post is kinda late but in my defense we've been getting prepared for our little warrior princess and been buried in piles of pink clothing, haha.  And new clothes for D, too.  Mostly there's been a lot of laundry and errands this week.  *collapses from exhaustion*

1.  This video.  Sometimes you just need something that restores your faith in humanity a little.  Especially with our media's obsession with prefering panic and distress over something positive.

2.  This Lily Munster Maquette... GORGEOUS.  Sadly out of my price range but The Nerd Store does have a Lily Munster action figure so I may have to settle for that.

3.   This roman candle thieving wiener dog from AFV.  So thankful that Sakura is no where near this brave. (Which will not embed the way stupid facebook claims it will to save my life. >.< )

4. Jelly Splash  I have a lot of games on my phone that I play with my friends (Zynga, I wish I could quit your crooked ass) but I also like to have a mindless game for when I'm just killing time while waiting for D to give in and finally fall asleep at night or when pregnancy insomnia hits (which has been a serious biznatch this pregnancy.  With D I was out by 9 pm, no problem) and that game used to be Candy Crush Saga until I found out what massive dickwads King, the creators of Candy Crush Saga, were as they decided to sue another game for simply using the word "saga" in the title despite it being a completely different game and that they were trying to steal the trademark of a game they appear to have ripped off in the first place (a game other than Bejeweled) but I digress.

After removing Candy Crush from my phone I added Jelly Splash and it's a lot of fun.  Similar to CCS but you make chains rather than swaps but you have little obstacles and missions the same way.

(Oh and bonus for King haters, this article of BS claims about how they shouldn't publish "cloned" games and aren't trying to go after these people for using words from their game except to protect themselves.  Yeah, okay.  *eye roll* Have I mentioned how glad I am I never paid money on CCS??)

5.  The Match Game Productions channel on YouTube.  I was raised on older TV, movies, and music and the old game show Match Game is always good for a laugh.  This YT channel has lots of episodes including this one (part one of two) with a very spirited contestant.  Lol.

What are your favs this week?  ^w^



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