Friday Fav Five V.1

Posted by Bitten Usagi at 10:00 AM
Once upon a time I tried doing a favs list on Wednesday titled Geeky Getsuyoobi but it got exhausting focusing only on geek stuff even as geeky as I am.  *eyes sparkle at the thoughts of my overwhelming list of fandoms*  So I'm gonna give this a go.  It might be every week.  It might not.  I don't know how long this burst of blogging will last.  Especially since I should have a newborn in addition to a toddler with more energy than I know what to do with in the next month or so... so yeah.  Anyway, here we go.

1.  Crash Course from the Vlogbrothers, John & Hank Green, is a love of mine with all its educational awesomeness but I've been watching the History playlist in particular as of late and wanted to share this one on Islam.  It's one of those things I've had very little understanding of to be honest and I know very few who do.  I suggest checking out the whole series or just this episode if you're interested or even one of those "omg all Muslims are terrorists" (in which case I strongly suggest you check it out because you are of of the people that make me crazy with your unfair generalizations).

2.  This video from a guy with some brains about Michael Sam coming out as a gay football player about to enter the NFL and how people are saying no one is going to want him now.  *eye roll about stupid people running their mouths*  Regardless, he makes an excellent point.

3. Classic Doctor Who on Hulu Plus.  I put off watching Doctor Who for years because I wanted to watch it from the true beginning but DVDs were outrageously expensive and Netflix and pretty much everywhere online had a "best of" kind of smattering of episodes but now Hulu has finally added at least most of, if not all Classic Who.  So if you're one of those that's been putting off starting it for that reason then what are you waiting for?  Off with you!  Wait, wait!  Come back.  Maybe finish this post first. ^w~

4. Heaven Knows by The Pretty Reckless.  Freaking love this song and pretty much all the songs I've found on YouTube.  This album this one is from is going to be released March 18th.  Definitely going have to snag it.

5.  Quotegrams and Anagram Magic Squares.  While Cody was on a work trip, D & I spent some time back home with his family and mine.  My grandparents have always been big on crossword puzzles and the like.  They usually do a puzzle or two together in mornings (so sweet, right?) and while we were there they got me hooked on Anagram Magic Squares and Quotegrams.  In fact I just put down a Quotegrams to come back and finish this post, lol.  They're in the variety puzzle books from Penny Press that you find among the magazine section. Super excited to find out they offer full volumes of the Anagram Magic Squares and super bummed they don't offer the same for quotegrams as I tend to get very little done in the variety issues.  I've started and left so many puzzles already.  LOL.

Well that's it for my first Friday Fav Five!  (Oh I should make a cute banner for these...)  Hope you enjoyed it and I apologize to those that are also my facebook friends as half or more you've probably already seen, haha.  Happy Valentine's Day to those who celebrate it.  I really don't even though I'm married, I'd prefer flowers or something for no reason than a forced day of romance so I don't really observe the love and romance part of it, but if you do I hope you have a good one!  And if you don't or you hate the holiday then Happy Friday!




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