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Well school has started again and I have mixed feelings. Mostly I've grown used to having spare time and I don't want that to go away. Not that I really did anything of value with my spare time but that is besides the point.

Anyway... already this semester I know I will have multiple papers. Two of which are 5-7 pages. Balls.

I also remember now that I really should have worked on my Japanese over break too. >.< Oops.

Oh and yesterday some asshole backed into Ichigo. No damage but I was leaning against her (the road is way narrow and she's a two door so I was waiting for passing traffic) and she lurched. So I'm kinda waiting for said moron to finish parking and get out so I could tell him there was no damage. Well he was moving very slow at getting out of his POS van. So I get my stuff into my car. Then the dick head grabs his stuff and walks across the street!! No check to see about damage, no asking if my car is ok... NOTHING!

I was like are you effing kidding me. I have two theories about why, both of which are scary/maddening.

1. The old man didn't even notice.
Which makes me feel oh so safe and makes me think old people should have more in depth license renewal so old people who can't even tell when they've hit a car are no longer on the road or

2. He is, as said before, an a-hole.
Which makes me want to punch things. Mostly him though.

So yeah I was livid. For those who don't know I love my car. She's a '98 but gets 32 miles to the gallon (so car companies are full of it when they say they can't make new cars that get that without them being hybrid) and she just rocks in general, so I'm very protective of her. She may not look brand new anymore but she's a good car. (& if you want to know where her name came from watch Kamikaze Girls with Anna Tsuchiya. She would be Anna's character in it- acts tougher than she is, lol.)

However, I will end this post with news of awesomeness. I am for the next two weeks, a total of like 3 days, assisting Peter Konerko (an amazing photographer) while he does head shots for the theater dept. I was way nervous, cause he's amazing so I was intimidated, but he's awesome. So knowledgeable and I've already learned some stuff from him (and last night was just the informational meeting!) and I'm excited to work with him and pick his brain. I was in awe as he talked with the theater students about what they needed to wear, do, etc. Srsly.

You can check out his photography here: http://www.peterkonerko.com/

So yeah, I'm stoked.

Oh and I finally posted an intro to me on Ponies Don't Equal Orgasms which is a blog that will someday be known as (but not until we're all dead and gone) The Blog of Awesome. If you haven't checked it out and voted in our poll about what you want to hear us posting about then do it NOW! (Well after catering to me and leaving loving comments). ;)



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