Wordless Wednesday: Not Really Wednesday

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By the time this is posted it will no longer be Wednesday. So we're going to say that I get to have a few words and that we're going by specific time (bahaha jk jk I know it's Pacific but I heart when Brian's gf Jillian, voiced by Drew Barrymore, says that on family guy)

Brian Griffin [answering the phone]: Hello? Oh, hey, Jillian, what's up?
Jillian: Brian, are you coming over to watch Laguna Beach tonight?
Brian Griffin: Uh... what time does it start?
Jillian: 10:00, Eastern and specific time.
Brian Griffin: What? What did you say, "specific" time? Don't you mean Pacific time?
Jillian: No, I think it's called specific time. They mean it starts specifically at 10.
[Stewie chuckles]
Brian Griffin: Stewie, are you on the line?
Stewie Griffin: ...Yes.
Brian Griffin: Jillian, I'll talk to you later. [hangs up]

I love it.

Now I will introduce you to the girls with the technicolor hair.

At 13 I began dying my hair. I started with red.
My best friend in the pic (on the left) just had to use some (even though her mom said no) so there wasn't enough to fully do mine so it came out streaky.

In 8th grade I was voted Most Likely to Have Blue Hair

I used red for a long time! I loved it, especially when it was a dark color like this...

Then I bleached my hair on a New Year's Eve. It came out Strawberry Blond, well all but the roots, which were white. The color was so close to my skin tone that when I showed up at school a friend came rushing up to me to touch my head because she thought I had shaved it, lol.

Sadly, no pic that I can find.

Then came the pink. I had pink streaks for a lot of high school and even after high school. Here is a crappy example. And yeah, that would be a smirnoff ice in my hand.

Then I was just bleach blond for senior year...

After high school I got a pixie cut. I know there is photographic proof somewhere and for a few months I had really short hair and it was *gasp* my natural color!

Well all until we got to the hair dye part of cosmetology school. Then I went for purple with gold streaks. I will never forget the look on our older prof's face. She just sat in the chair watching us shaking her head the entire time. (For many reasons, many that you learn in cosmo school)

Then, as most of you likely know when you go too many shades darker (like more than 2-3) it fades quickly and looks terrible. So then I went (even darker, lol) and covered the crappy roots and faded junk with black.

Somewhere in between I went back to dark red, and then bleached it again, only to end up with orange hair. It was awesome. /sarcasm

Then back to blond much later. I have sever photos of me all half blonde, half nasty faded black remnants. I'll spare you. In comes some pink. Again. Just a little and placed so it could be hidden if necessary.

Then came the blue with platinum blond bangs. 9 years after being voted most likely to have it, lol.

Now my hair is close to my natural color and the longest it's ever been. I am currently dying (no pun intended) to put some streaks of color in it, just gonna have to keep them small and something easy to hide. Boo!

So there you have it.



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