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So the last couple weeks have been complete and utter craziness.  It started out great with some awesome quality time with my bestie as we tried not to kick a db's ass as we waited in line for our midnight showing of Eclipse and then as we giggled through the movie (I'm a terrible person to go to the movies with.  I'm forever making dirty jokes or if it's a bad movie just laughing at awkward parts).  It was a blast.  Even though I had to pee like 10 minutes into the movie and refused to miss any of it for a bathroom break, lol.  We had a blast afterwards on the way home too of course cause whenever OnyxHikari and I are together fun (and a lil trouble) is bound to be had.
After all we are part of #theApocalypseOfAwesome.

The next day we went with my husband to the Nerdy Concert of Awesomeness (no really that's what I said when I requested the days off) so that I could see ALLCAPS (See how awesome bestie and hubs are?  They had no idea what they were getting into, mwahahaha) and it was awesome.  I missed ALLCAPS but did get to see the Parselmouths and lots of people just as nerdy as me, who had to wear her time-turner (would've been that & my Hogwarts shirt but guess who is too fat for her Hogwarts shirt).  In fact the was so much nerdiness it was awesome and I almost glomped a random person because they had a Stargate tat, cause that is just AWESOME!  So I roasted during their set and had to sit down (I was sweating like a pig, gross) and when I finally cooled down my bestie forced me to grow a set and meet Kristina Horner, one of my fav YouTubers and a part of both ALLCAPS & the Parselmouths.  I'm terrible at meeting people.  Especially people I admire or any level of famous.  This is why when I say that I want to use Kellan Lutz, Michael Shanks, Alex Skarsgard, Charles Kelley or anyone famous like a humping post or rock their world so they'll never forget it, I'm ALL TALK.  *sigh*

So anyway here is me with Kristina who was awesome.  In fact I'd say she's an honorary member of #theApocalypseOfAwesome. :P

So then bestie went home. (I waited to cry til she was out the door, gotta be tough ya know. ;) )  Cody & I went to Estes and I got some photos and stuff and some orgasmic goodies from Laura's Candies in Estes Park.  Srsly if you're ever there you absolutely must buy some fudge and caramel apples.  When I say orgasmic, I mean it.

Friday I slept the day away, Saturday we went and saw Kory Brunson Band at the Stampede, which is another amazing band that you should check out, even if you're not a fan of country music *cough*Margie*cough* cause I think you'll love them.  They're amazing and can even work a small crowd (which wouldn't have been small had the Stampede not been completely moronic and started charging to even get in after the $ you gotta shell out for parking.  Yeah it keeps the riff-raff out for the most part but my aunt was one of the vendors and they were dead and said a lot of the vendors packed up and left halfway through the week.  Ridic) but srsly.  They're amazing.  Oh & there name is the link to their site so there's no excuse for you to not go check them out so :P

*deep breath*

Here's where things got really awesome and then really shitty.
 I went to bed way early Saturday and then Sunday I woke up early (5 am, a time I don't see unless I'm going to sleep) feeling sick, which I had been doing for a few days.  I ate, went back to sleep and then had to wake up for work, well this time I was like I'll take a pregnancy test.  Now I've taken a ton of these things in the past 2 1/2 years and they're always negative.  Well this time I got a positive.  I was floored and all I could say was OMFG.  It was all quite funny afterward but now it's just depressing.  I'll spare you the details but the gist is a trip to the ER Saturday and another this last Tuesday and a miscarriage.  I spent all the rest of Tuesday being pissed at the world.  I look back & realize how stupid that was but at the time all I could think was how is it crackheads can do drugs through their entire unwanted pregnancy and have a baby and I wanted one so bad and lost it.  I was crushed, hurt and most of all heart broken.  I also swore I was going to break the nose of the next person to tell us "everything happens for a reason".

Wednesday I had already had an appt to go over results from my Saturday ER visit & the follow up blood test on Monday so we kept it to discuss it all with a doctor.  I was emotionally drained from the day before and pretty much numb.  Well except for my heart which still ached like hell.  But we did finally get some answers and we've got a plan.  Plus now I have a doctor I love, she's so nice and explained some stuff that we thought we were past thanks to one doctor and what it meant for us.

So that's what we've been up to and why I've been quiet blog-wise lately.  Sadly I wasn't as quiet as I was here, elsewhere, so I keep having to relive it when I see people that haven't heard.  And on that note I've noticed something.  The father's in these situations get the short end of the stick.  As far as I can tell only a few people have said anything to him other than the people he's told and I think that sucks.  Cody was ecstatic and just as crushed as I was, yet barely anyone has said a thing to him.  So I guess just remember that if, god forbid, this situation happens close to you.  The male half of the equation (or at least in a married couple) is probably just as crushed, so don't just give her some comforting words, remember him too.

Oh and I also don't recommend using "Everything happens for a reason" either.  I'm alright with it now because I know it's true but it was the last thing I wanted to hear from anyone when I was still in the pissed-off-at-the-world mode and had someone said it to my face, I would have punched them.  No joke.  My besties & hubs know this, I have a hell of a temper on a perfectly good day, one of the worst days in my life?  Scary thought.

It still sucks but I feel a lot better about things.  We have a plan for the future and I finally got the full story on why my body hasn't been cooperating, which resulted in an I-told-ya-so for my poor husband but it's good to finally know what to do about it.  Only took 2 1/2 years...

I want to leave this on a happy note though, so for your enjoyment.  A funny.

I lol every time I see this.  The expressions slay me.  Even though I've been flashed & it is so not funny.
(maybe someday I'll blog about that wonderful day. >.< )


KaceyintheSkywithAmethyst on July 16, 2010 at 12:38 PM said...

#TheApocalypseofAwesome that is all! But no really I came to tell you that I never knew Bananas where so devious! Thanks for sharing about your life! I lurve you woman!

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