When Life Gets in the Way

Posted by Bitten Usagi at 4:03 PM
First of all I'm not sure if I ever actually mentioned it here (I can barely remember what I ate for dinner last night) but I have moved my Pagan Blog Project blogging to a tumblr.  This was always meant to be my personal blog and while my spirituality is a huge part of my personal life it just felt like since that was all I ever got a chance to post that this had become a spiritual blog that may have bordered on preachy so if you're interested in seeing the rest of my posts for PBP (which I'm behind on, again.) Please head on over to my Sanctuary.  ^w^  Thanks and blessed be.

The following contains whining.  Feel free to skip it.

So recently we took a few moments to entertain the possibility of moving back home to Eastern Colorado.  Now I was reluctant to even talk about it because I was afraid it would get my hopes up but because there appeared to be only a question of jobs it seemed like enough of a possibility to talk about it.

Yeah... I realize now I should have just stuck to my not talking about it policy because I totally got my hopes up and now the reasons it was brought up aren't as definite as they sounded.  >.<  I hate the city.  Funny thing is for a while I thought that maybe there was really no way that we could do it.  We're used being able to run to hellmart in the wee hours of the morning if we have to or have several options for eating out, etc.  But then as we got to talking about it I realized that most of the things I'd miss are pretty much already gone or something we can't afford anymore anyway like Hastings is closed, eating out at a restaurant only happens once in a great while and we're too broke to go shopping anyway.

So really the only reasons I wouldn't want to go is reasons that have to do if we were to have another baby.  Other than that there's not a whole lot of reasons to stay I realized but there are so many reasons moving back would be good, like Darius growing up around his grandparents and great grandparents.  Oh and getting out of the house once in a while because we know people down there.  Here?  Pretty much all of our friends graduated and got the hell out of this craphole.


So last weekend we went back home for a long weekend to help throw a party for my grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary and coming back to Greeley sucked.  It was so depressing.  I was ready to get back to my own bed, see Takara and that kind of stuff but I wished that those things were there so we wouldn't have to go.  Now I know that he'll grow out of it and before we know it and D will remember who his grandparents are and stuff like that but right now he only sees them once a month if we're lucky so it makes it really hard on all of us.  We need a break, they want to snuggle and play with him and he wants to know who the hell these people are that keep bugging him.  It's depressing.

So on top of all this is the fact that I keep trying to think of ways I can help out with the whole money situation and that's not working out well either.  Have a mentioned lately how big of a waste of money college was?

Oh and I lost my wallet, my awesomesauce NES controller wallet, last weekend too.  What kills me is I lost it a day that I know my every last step and it's nowhere to be found. WTF?  It makes no sense.  Best part is if even if someone honest has found it my license has the wrong address.  SWEETNESS.  Mostly annoying but it just kind of added onto everything else ya know?

So there's my whine-fest for a while.  It's just some stuff I wanted to get off my chest before my head explodes from it.  

Also, I fully intend on trying to post more.  It's just by the time I get my internet time at night I'm too tired to do anything more than veg out on tumblr and Sims Social and not do anything that might require any kind of thinking or editing, lol.



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