Minor Requirements

Posted by Bitten Usagi at 2:50 PM
So Mondays were supposed to be my day for manga reviews but I'm slacking hardcore and I've been eyeball deep with research for my senior portfolio/career choice as well as trying to keep up on reading for my last class for my minor which is killing me.

Seriously my very last class for my minor seems to be more than the rest of my minor classes combined. >.<  I'm just hoping I can pull off a C, really.  Lol.  Yeah way to shoot high, right?  All my other minor classes have been good grades though so really that's all I need.  It's only like a 2.0 or something requirement for that anyway.  Yay Asian Studies!!  (My major requires a 3.0... in art... wtf most other programs just have the university-wide 2.0)  So yeah this class has been ridiculous reading and let me tell you, Asian politics is FASCINATING to read about.

Like I said, hoping for a C...

So since I've slacked and not delivered a review for a manga I will now share with you photographic awesome that I got from the comic book store in Loveland.

Sailor Moon "Button Men"  ^w^
(Photo taken on my Droid X using FxCamera in Toy Cam mode)
It's a game, which I totally didn't even know existed but seriously if it's Sailor Moon I want it.  Had to laugh, the guy at the comic book store said it was part of a game like, why would you want it if you don't already have some.  Ummm because it's Sailor Moon, dude and that's what I do.  The Usagi in my name comes from my obsession ok?  2 of my upcoming tattoos?  Sailor Moon.  I'm obsessed mmmmkay?

So yeah I was pretty excited.  I should show my collection of Sailor Moon stuff.  It's small, really, but I love it all just the same, like the comforter I found in Oklahoma at some Mom & Pop store that we hit on our way home from a family reunion back when anime and manga stuff was SCARCE.  
Someday when I'm making millions I'll be all over ebay buying up everything Sailor Moon I see, hahaha!



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