So I Lied Apparently

Posted by Bitten Usagi at 4:36 PM
2 weeks after I said I would blog more I failed to do so... again.

*hangs head*


So here's what I've been up to. A.K.A. my excuses for being a lame blogger.

1-I've been working on my photography website.
Which is very slow going as I want to put up a bunch of edited photos. Which means a lot of editing. The good news is I have my office put together now so I do have a spot to run away to and edit and I've even found some cool effects and things to do with my photos. Sadly there's only so much editing before one is driven bat shit crazy. And let's just say I didn't have that far to go in the first place.

2-I finally said to hell with the Night Lace podcast and changed it to an all vampire blog and added a forum. Please if you like any vampires at all, come check out and follow our blog, Vampaholics Anon(ymous), and join our forum. The forum is a work in progress though so please be patient with me!! Plus the first 25 members will be considered "founding members". Yeah it's prolly not that enticing, lmao.

3-Work... you know the thing I whined about in my last post.

4-RPing... as usual. I run a Twilight RPG called Deja Vu in Forks which is awesome and if you love the series Twilight Series you should check into it. Especially if you have RP experience. And if you don't? We can totally teach you. It's WAY easy. Simply put: you post on the forum as if you were the character in the situation. I am also part of several others RPs- 2 for Black Dagger Brotherhood and another for Twilight. Oh & I've been working on setting up an HON one for a while now. What can I say? I reject reality.

5-Reading. Those that follow my Twitter know that I effed up big time this last Saturday and spent money at Barnes & Noble. The fact that I spent any was bad enough... the total amount? Yeah I'm grounded from B&N for at least 2 weeks. Then the next week I won't get a paycheck anyway... so yeah. T^T

6-Gaming. I spent 6 hours playing Sacred 2 last Friday. I started over with a new character. So I was running my tree-hugging dryad that uses her halberd for a strippers pole all over Ancaria helping the townsfolk right all that is wrong with their worlds and getting self-righteous to hunters when I'm slaying other living things left and right. She's such a hypocrite. *rolls eyes* I should have known to stick with my elves. Always. Choose. The. Elves...

7-Finishing decorating the house.
This is not not even close to being done. Where the hell did we get all this shit lovely stuff from? *shaking my head* Putting all this stuff up is pretty much a full time job. But without the pay.

So yeah that's pretty much what I've been up to the last two weeks. Please, please, PLEASE check out the new blog and stay tuned to see my photo website. I mean you could go to it now... but yeah all it is right now is some buttons that link to things and me talking about why I chose photography... boooooring. Lol.

Questions? Comments? Concerns??

I kid, I kid.




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