Tell Me You're Kidding

Posted by Bitten Usagi at 7:54 PM
My job is slowly killing my soul.

Warning: Rant Ahead

My workplace has a loyalty program and now anything purchased in store (except tobacco & lottery count towards points. $1=1pt After so many points you get an extra discount on your gas).

So here's what is pissing me off.

First it's that we have to ask for the loyalty card and if we fail to do so the first time is a write up and second time is fired. I'm sorry but that's ridic on it's own, but whatever.

So then they changed the registers to print EVERY receipt. Yeah we're killing a forest a day, I shit you not. It's ridic. We can ask if they want a receipt. If so, we print a receipt. If not, we go on about our merry way. It worked before, why not now? Oh because customers want to know their points. No, corporate wants them to want to know.

So now we have to circle it on the receipt and point it out to them or... yep fired.

So as I said before tobacco and lottery don't count but get this if someone buys just those or one of those two we still have to ask for the loyalty card. It's complete bull. If I were a customer I would be pissed if they had me dig out my card when it didn't even matter.

Plus there's all this shit we have to ask and then we have to suggest something else for them to buy. I'm sorry but when I'm a customer I want to go in, get my crap and get out. One time we were doing a fundraiser and so then it was also "would you like to donate to __" and I had customers bitching about everything I was asking! But do you think that mattered? (ummm if you're wondering... no it didn't)

So today I got bitched at (not by my mgr or a coworker but by some close to corporate jerk who doesn't know how to do anything but bitch about what's not being done right) for not asking customers who bought just ciggs.

Yeah... stick a fork in me... I'm freaking done.


Sam, The Nanti-SARRMM on May 26, 2010 at 9:15 AM said...

Yeah, that is lame. Lame indeed.


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