This Vamp Bunny Queen Fails at Blogging

Posted by Bitten Usagi at 9:50 AM
Good grief... you'd think I'd be blogging daily now that school is out but no. Mostly I haven't felt like blogging because I'm in a terrible mood (which is happening a lot now that I'm working almost full time) or I'm too busy when I'm in a good mood... and I've uh...

been RPing... a lot.

Because reality sucks and I prefer to get lost with beloved fictional characters. Sad but true.

Anyway... So here's a question...

Did you know I originally started this blog as somewhere to post my manga reviews from YouTube?

'Tis true!

And guess what I've NEVER done... Oops.

But the plan is to start up again. But don't worry I will keep blogging too. Now you'll just get to laugh at me in videos as well as reading crap I write, lol. Oh & I'm going to try to blog more often... I swear! *hangs head* If nothing else if I'm in a terrible mood I'll search for something hilarious to share or something random from Stumble! which is my new fav anti-work. Lol.

So yeah... how ya guys been? Have a missed me? Lol. Oh & does anyone on here happen to know how to get it so you can type in a domain name I own and get a blog to show up? Like it will show the blog but the address will show be my domain name? If not that's cool, I'm sure I'll figure it out but I bought bittenphotography.com and I started a blog for my photography but I'm having issues getting it set up. #FAIL

Anyway... I'm off to go unpack some more stuff and look for my eyeshadow palette which I miss terribly and haven't seen since we moved. Which means I'm FREAKING OUT!

Later everyone! ^w^


Anonymous said...

You are FIRED for losing the palette. ^_~

KatOfDiamonds on May 23, 2010 at 2:49 PM said...

Bahahaha, I love you my friend <3


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