Finding A New Normal

Posted by Bitten Usagi at 1:47 PM
Well normal probably isn't the way to describe it if you know me at all 😉 but I've now spent just over 2 weeks trying to find my family's new groove, as the kids say, as a family of four (& two furkids). Khalie was born on March 15th and it's been quite the adjustment. Much easier in some ways and much harder in others. We've had a newborn before so we knew what to expect in general however, having a newborn and a toddler is a completely different ball game, haha. Not all bad, as Darius loves to help grab a clean diaper & could entertain his baby sister all day if she'd just stay awake that long.

So obviously this has affected things here. I've fallen off the blogosphere but right now I'm attempting a new method for blogging since writing on my phone is much easier one handed than on my laptop (when I was in school we had to learn how to type & keep our hands on the keyboard correctly to do so, which apparently they don't do anymore, and I just CAN NOT use the hunt & peck method) so I'm going to try posting by email. Maybe I'll be able to do more here this way because I've really enjoyed all the blogging I was doing so I'd like to continue. It's fun & has been therapeutic even if I'm not going on and on about something that's upsetting me. Mostly I don't have local (closest are over an hour away) geek friends other than my husband so it's been nice to go on about things I love and projects I'm working on like the Scrabble blanket for Okaasan.  😁

Hopefully the email method works better than the app or trying to post via mobile web so I can continue to update here & on the family blog (where I'll hopefully post about Khalie's name & maybe a shortened version of her birth story soon which I'll post a link to in case anyone is interested).

So... whatcha been up to the last two weeks? ^w^



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