Quickie Post #02

Posted by Bitten Usagi at 7:52 PM
I know, I know. I've been a terrible blogger lately. *hangs head*

Damn school, job, internship, etc.

Internship is over now. I'm really sad that it's over but also kind of happy as it means it's one less thing I have to worry about. Going to miss watching games though! And running into hockey players here and there, though one of my fav players is now gone. :(

Job... still sucks. My coworkers are the only reason I can stand it. I'm just super lucky that they rock or I would go insane.

School... oh school. Wanna hear the news about school?

My Van Wilder plan has officially expired.

I will *knocks on wood* be graduating this fall. Those who follow me on Twitter know that I was totally freaking about it the day I finally turned in my major change form (I was still listed as Art Ed not just Visual Arts with a concentration in photography) and I was freaking out about graduating but also freaking about not graduating. Dumb right? Well now my fear is finally just not graduating. Life will be better when I'm done with school. I'll have more time to do the fun stuff I want to do. Yeah I'll still be working but full time classes AND working makes me wanna stab myself in the eye on an almost daily basis, so I am, ultimately, excited that the end is near!

So... uh there's a quick update. I'm off to read and write though... so for now that's it until I find more motivation to write a proper post.

Sorry all... my brain is fried. We're working on moving (and the lease isn't signed yet so I'm freaking we're going to lose it *knocks on wood for the millionth time*) and I just finished a paper and am so behind in photo studio it's ridic... so yeah I promise to try to write soon!


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