Webcomic Wednesday: Angry Faerie

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So I said I was going to do this today and damnit I am!!

In the spirit of what the blog's original intent was I'm going to try and bring you a new webcomic every Wednesday, or every other.  Okay let's go with as often as I can okay?  My semester is killing me slowly so just bear with me.  Love me through it and I'll love you back.

So when I was at Nan Desu Kan in October I went to a panel called "Webcomics: Friend or Foe?" just so I could bring what I learned back to you lovelies and my YouTube watchers.  The panel was about the advantages and disadvantages of webcomics and in the process I got introduced into some new webcomics.  I haven't had a chance to check them all out (*shakes fist* damn you college "education") but I have done quite a bit of reading of one of them and after that I feel I must recommend:

Angry Faerie
by Scott Springer

He showed two comics at the panel that made me fall in love with Angry Faerie but first one of them from the beginning that I loved.  Also I support her burying the hatchet in Mika. It's what he deserves for whistling Celine Dion. *shudders*

Now here's the one's he showed at the panel:

This one is my all time favoritie:

So pretty much you should check it out.  She gets in a fight with Tinkerbell after calling her a corporate shill.  It's pretty awesome.  Plus Scott's a local artist (Denver) and that ups his awesome by lots so yeah.

So go my little friends and enjoy Angry Faerie by Scott Springer who is a pretty cool guy.  PS his name links to his Twitter where you can stalk him as we do in this beautiful age of google maps, twitter and facebook.  


Scott S on January 22, 2011 at 2:44 PM said...

Ha, I wish I'd known you'd written this lovely review. Glad you enjoyed AF at the con, and hope you're still checking it out.

Thanks again for the kind words.


Scott Springer


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