One of Those Days

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I had one of those days today, guys.

One of those days where I have to step back and crunch numbers to see if it's even worth all that. 

I'm a blur from place to place and have been and will have to be for at least two more years.

It makes me sick to think about it. I can't. I can't keep doing this for that long. Problem is I don't know which direction to go. What to drop, what to focus on to get me out of this rut.

I hate it. I hate the rushing from place to place. I hate not being there for my babies and my current schedule is a wreck. I have to work late to minimize what we have to pay a sitter and then I can't get to sleep at a reasonable time if I want to get anything else done in the day but then I can't get out of bed in the morning and then I rush around until I have to herd everyone out of the house.

Rinse and repeat.

I want to pursue my art but I can't afford to but not pursuing it is killing me inside.

Oh and one of those reasons I can't afford to? 

Crippling student loan debt.

For an art degree.

That is utterly useless.

I just feel like it's bad that the Isolation room in the first episode of Mind Field sounds appealing right now I guess.
So... how was your day? Please tell me something that made you laugh today. 


Friday Fav Five V. 5

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Yes, this is a day late but damnit I've had it half done since like Monday or Tuesday so I was determined to post it!!  Plus by next Friday this stuff will guaranteed be old news if it isn't already.  XDDD


SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY.  Other than they probably won't work in the US I'm in love.  How cool would it be to charge my phone with a little moon power, am I right?


Okay so I only just found this so I don't know all that much about it but I think I'm going to try to get in on it this time but I just heard about the International Geek Girls Pen Pals Club from xo Mia's blog and it sounds amazing.  They have a faq page if you want to hear more but sign up is the 15th of every month and it sounds like a blast.  ps. xo Mia is an awesome cosplayer, has a cosplay 101 series that is fab and so nice so I definitely recommend checking out her blog as well as IGGPPC!

Guys, guys, guys... I can't even.  I was freaking ecstatic to hear about Girl Meets World, the sequel to Boy Meets World which I loved beyond words and now, this new series will follow Cory and Topanga's daughter (just telling you in case you've lived under a rock for the last year and don't know about this, haha) and now we have our first teaser.  I just can't wait for more teasers and trailers and, better yet, full episodes.  Part of me is a little afraid it's going to suck, but right now I'm trying to hold on to the hope that it's going to be just as awesome as the original.

From the people who bring us Game of Thrones: Ascent on facebook, we're looking at getting a Strategy RPG that will be available on Android and iOS.  Now on the fb page I follow that announced this people were flipping out about how it's going to be shit despite not knowing a dang thing about it because their little teaser trailer shows NOTHING.  Yes, being something like GoTA it could easily be turned into one of those pay money to get anywhere games (I'm looking at you, Zynga, ya greedy bastards) however since what I've played of GoTA is not like that (& there are ways to earn the in game currency real money buys, albeit slowly) I have high hopes for this.  Many people jumped to yelling about how they'll stick to Star Trek Online which I also like, however, I'm excited for a phone game simply because the way my life is right now I can't spend hours at a time anchored to my laptop to play.  Something I can play on my phone while I'm nursing Khalie at 3 am?  Sign me up.  Though by the time it's out she'll probably be sleeping through the night anyway, LOL.

Gender Bent Disney characters by Sakimi chan!  My favorites are Urs, Cruel, Sophocles & Howl, Jaq and Maleficent.  I'm not sure about the Beau and the Beast one but the art is just stunning on ALL of them and hubba hubba on several, haha.

What are you loving this week?? ^w^


Finding A New Normal

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Well normal probably isn't the way to describe it if you know me at all 😉 but I've now spent just over 2 weeks trying to find my family's new groove, as the kids say, as a family of four (& two furkids). Khalie was born on March 15th and it's been quite the adjustment. Much easier in some ways and much harder in others. We've had a newborn before so we knew what to expect in general however, having a newborn and a toddler is a completely different ball game, haha. Not all bad, as Darius loves to help grab a clean diaper & could entertain his baby sister all day if she'd just stay awake that long.

So obviously this has affected things here. I've fallen off the blogosphere but right now I'm attempting a new method for blogging since writing on my phone is much easier one handed than on my laptop (when I was in school we had to learn how to type & keep our hands on the keyboard correctly to do so, which apparently they don't do anymore, and I just CAN NOT use the hunt & peck method) so I'm going to try posting by email. Maybe I'll be able to do more here this way because I've really enjoyed all the blogging I was doing so I'd like to continue. It's fun & has been therapeutic even if I'm not going on and on about something that's upsetting me. Mostly I don't have local (closest are over an hour away) geek friends other than my husband so it's been nice to go on about things I love and projects I'm working on like the Scrabble blanket for Okaasan.  😁

Hopefully the email method works better than the app or trying to post via mobile web so I can continue to update here & on the family blog (where I'll hopefully post about Khalie's name & maybe a shortened version of her birth story soon which I'll post a link to in case anyone is interested).

So... whatcha been up to the last two weeks? ^w^


Friday Fav Five V. 4

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OMG  if you guys don't read Gronk by Katie Cook, you're completely missing out.  Especially on today's comic... which I told my husband pretty much sums us up completely.  XDDD

The comments on this video are full of hate about how this isn't real metal but I like it and I gotta say that it only works because it's JPop vocals over metal music.  American pop just wouldn't have the same effect.  I love how they describe it in this article, though.  "for those of us whose musical tastes fall somewhere in the middle, Babymetal is kind of like a magical, leather-clad, fire-breathing, sonic unicorn."

I should probably be ashamed of how hard I laughed over this but it's still making me laugh...

New Blog Love:  Superheroesque.  I especially love the posts How I Learned to Love the Geek post and the Public Geekness post, where we get this quote:
So true and in the comments of that post user "A Bit of Geek" was talking about getting crap about being a "fake" if you mention it too much and I think Mia's reply about how if it were a guy who had written the same post no one would have accused them of being a faker.  Perhaps not, but in my experience guys are the first to jump to call anyone else a fake geek...

Book boyfriends (or girlfriends).  Is there really much else to say?  Haha!  So tell me, who is your book boyfriend/girlfriend?


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